Printing different sizes from standard photo paper sizes

  Onizuka 16:26 26 Nov 2012

Many years ago, when I used to develop black & white and colour film, and print my own photos from the negatives, I was able to produce prints of any size I wanted simply by raising or lowering the enlarger head and trimming the excess paper as necessary.

Today, I cannot find any way of printing the whole of an image from a .jpg on to photo paper that is not one of the standard sizes. I wish to use a photo frame measuring 3in X 9.125in (76mm X 105mm) but there is no option to print the full image that size. The Resize tools in Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Windows Live Photo Gallery seem to show dimensions only in pixels which does not tell me the size of the image in inches or millimetres.

Can anyone advise please?

  northumbria61 17:26 26 Nov 2012

Somewhere in your Printing Preferences you should have a Paper Tab and then Paper Options. For instance if I click on Paper Options/Original Size I have A4 set as default. If I then click on A4 I get a drop down list and at the bottom I have Edit which then gives me a Custom Paper List. I am able to select any size either in millimeters or inches. Take a look in your settings - you should have something similar.

  northumbria61 17:28 26 Nov 2012

Onizuka - You access Printing Preferences by right clicking on your Printer in Devices & Printers.

  john bunyan 18:57 26 Nov 2012

Far easier to get a photo editing programme such as (free) or a paid for programme such as Photoshop elements. For printing use 300 dpi and you can size as you wish.

  lotvic 21:31 26 Nov 2012

You could use Word. Word 2003: In View choose: Print Layout and show Ruler. If your normal setting for the ruler is cm. you can change it to inches: Tools | Options | General tab | near the bottom is Measurement units.

[Word 2007: Click on Globe | at the bottom click on 'Word Options' | click on 'Advanced' and scroll down to 'Display' and change measurements to inches]

Insert your picture: Insert | Picture | From File | and browse to your picture | insert

Now click on the picture and at each corner there will be a little circle O

Grab one of the corner O's and resize to what you want using the ruler as your guide. (use the corner O so that pic retains ratio of height and width)

Word 2003: You can move the picture about to place it on the page by putting mouse cursor on picture and when you have the 4 headed arrow you can left click grab and move.

[Word 2007: You can move the picture about to place it on the page by first clicking on 'Position' (on Format tab which shows when you have the pic selected) then click on 'More layout options' and choose 'Through' (or rightclick on pic and choose from 'Text wrapping menu') then put mouse cursor on picture and when you have the 4 headed arrow you can left click grab and move.]

  Woolwell 21:39 26 Nov 2012

I would use a decent photo editing program. Set the canvas to the size of the printing paper (it can then be standard print paper), set the image size to the size of the photo frame and then trim off the excess.

  Onizuka 16:37 30 Nov 2012

Many thanks to all for your very prompt and helpful suggestions. (Pressing other matters prevented from posting this until now.)

I tried northumbria61’s suggestion and clicking through Printing Preferences/Paper Options/Size the drop down list at the bottom gives User Defined rather than Custom Paper List though it is obviously the same thing. The User Defined box limits the possible paper width as 890....2159 and the height as 1270....11176. These are units of 0.01 cm. (Switching to inches (in units of 0.01) limits the paper sizes to between 350 and 850 for width and between 500 and 4400 for the height.) It is not possible to enter a figure outside these ranges. I have to confess that I could not immediately get my head around what these figures represented and I have to wonder why the units are not simply shown in millimetres. Am I right in assuming that the smallest paper size I can select is 89 x 1270 mm? No use as I wanted a paper width of 76 mm.

lotvic’s suggestion of using Word seemed the next best thing to try but I found it difficult to adjust the picture to the exact size I wanted. After downloading (thank you for that john bunyan) it was fairly simple to get the exact size desired but the next problem was trying to print it that size. My printer is an Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD with two trays. The upper is for photo paper of from 4 x 6 ins to 5 x 7 ins while the lower tray is for sizes up to A4. If you try to print a photo the paper size options are limited to the standard A4, 4 x6, 5 x 7, etc, with no User Defined sizes available.

Having got the exact size in I returned to Word 2007 and attempted to Insert the picture from but found that it was not possible as Word did not recognise a .pdn file. Only after I had clicked on Save As to save the picture as a .jpg was I successful. When I printed it as Photo.docx rather than Photo.jpg on to a sheet of A4 Tesco General use Picture paper (a little cheaper than premium paper!) the photo was exactly the size I wanted.

All in all, a somewhat convoluted way of getting there but I suspect that it is the Epson printer which treats .jpg files differently from .docx files.

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