Printing Different Photos

  onokeck 23:35 12 Sep 2003

Been a while since I've entered a thread, but wondered if anybody has a suggestion as to what software (preferably free) I can use to enable me to print differrent photos onto one sheet of photo paper(i.e. 4 or 6 different photos on a sheet). I have tried Adobe Photoshop Album, Adobe Activeshare, ULead Photo Explorer, ULead Photo Express and DataBecker Photo Printer. None of them do the job! I'm getting fed up at having to use an entire sheet of photo paper for only one, or at the most two photos. Any help? Casey

  vienna1981 23:40 12 Sep 2003

I use the software I got with my Epson printer called Epson Photoquicker, but of coursre this is of no help unless you have an Epson printer!

  vienna1981 23:47 12 Sep 2003

have you tried

click here

  Pesala 00:00 13 Sep 2003

click here for a free earlier version. DTP programs make it easy to lay out several pictures on a page, add captions, align to guidelines, resize, etc. Photo-editors can do it too, but not nearly so easily.

  Djohn 00:04 13 Sep 2003

click here I've not yet tried it, but think Irfanview will do what you wish and much more. j.

  Djohn 00:10 13 Sep 2003

If the downloads are too big, then I have PagePlus 5, PhotoPlus 5, DrawPlus 3, and GraphicsPlus, 3D plus on a CD. All by Serif. Send me your postal address via the envelope and I'll pop it in the post to you. j.

  hssutton 00:11 13 Sep 2003

Casey. Adobes Photo Album, Will do what you want. Just select the photo's you want to print, then click on "Print" under "File" and set your preferences.


  britto 00:26 13 Sep 2003

Try Word, insert 4 or 6 text boxes resize them to fill the page then you can insert picture in each box.
you can save doc as template for future use.

  Seicento 07:57 13 Sep 2003

PhotoPrinter 2.0 LE (free) from click here will do what you need.

  Andsome 08:19 13 Sep 2003

Do you have Powerpoint or Publisher?

  onokeck 14:38 13 Sep 2003

Just wanted to pass along my thanks to all who responded to my thread. As usual PCA helpline came up trumps! Particular thanks to Seicento for putting me on to PhotoPrinter 2LE -it is exactly what I wanted and works a treat. I also downloaded Irfanview and it is useful for some other projects as well. Thanks again to everyone. Casey

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