Printing from dBase IV to HP Envy 5000 printer

  stlucia2 12:21 08 Nov 2019

For many years I've been using dBase IV with various versions of Windows (currently 10) and various printers (currently HP Envy 5000). I create my dBase reports in my programs using the ? and ?? commands -- i.e. not using the report-writer function.

My problem is that it is taking 4-5 minutes to print a single A4 sheet report, which on previous printers and/or previous Windows versions printed at 'normal' speed -- i.e. several pages per minute. It's been suggested in the dBase forum that it may be because my printer can't handle 'streaming' data properly. Any suggestions please about how to improve this performance?

My PC is HP Pavilion running Windows 10, and it prints from all other sources correctly. I've also tried using dBase report-writer wizard to create and print a simple report, but it also prints at the same glacial speed.

  x13 12:33 08 Nov 2019

I don't know the program dBase IV but had the same issue a while ago, or rather my daughter had. Checked my HP printer and found that "Wireless Direct" was set to on. Switching it to off cured the slow printing issue. Worth a check.

  wee eddie 13:33 08 Nov 2019

What is the size of the database; is it kbs or MBs in size

  stlucia2 13:44 08 Nov 2019

As you say, worth a check. But I've just checked now and my printer says "IP: Wireless off". That seems a bit odd since it connects to my PC via WiFi, but that must be a different system.

I grew up on DOS so I'm not used to the modern systems, but on the dBASE forum they suggested that a PCL printer, like my HP, can't handle 'streaming' text.

  x13 14:01 08 Nov 2019

From printer manual -

Called Wi-Fi Direct on your model.

  stlucia2 14:57 08 Nov 2019

Thanks x13. That explains (a little) what's the difference between WiFi via a router and WiFi Direct. I'm using WiFi via my router, and WiFi Direct is off.

But it still doesn't solve my printing problem :-(

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