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Printing a copy of insurance certificate

  ponytail 13:34 22 Aug 2014

I need to return a copy of my car insurance certificate and I need to print it but how do I print it without getting all the other pages.Can I isolate the one page I require.There are about twelve pages in total.My printer is a Brother DCP-J315W and my OS is Windows 7.Thanks

  john bunyan 13:42 22 Aug 2014

Is this a paper document, or has it come in as a .pdf? If a .pdf when you hover your mouse at the bottom a dialog box should appear with a printer logo. Select the page you want and tell the programme to print "current page only". If it is a printed document, - do you have a scanner? If so just scan and save the page you want.

  ponytail 15:01 22 Aug 2014

Hi john bunyan have tried hovering the cursor but nothing appears.When you say scan how do I scan from a page from a web site.Thanks

  john bunyan 15:28 22 Aug 2014


Is this a .pdf document or not? If it is, another way is to save it to a folder (I have a whole folder of .pdf files) then open it in your photo software, and print the page you want. A free photo edit programme is - see
paint. net

If it is just on a web page and you have windows 7, you could use the snipping tool to surround the part you want, save it then print as above.

1]: [click here

  john bunyan 15:30 22 Aug 2014

PS you asked before how to print the screen, but never green ticked to say you could do it.

Print screen thread

  johndrew 15:46 22 Aug 2014

If you use Firefox, why not install Print/Print Preview which will allow you all the print options you will need to size the document and print only the page(s) you want.

  ponytail 15:51 22 Aug 2014

Hi again what I am trying to do is print a copy of my cars insurance certificate.I logged into endsleighs website signed into my account and brought up my insurance details.But there must be at least a dozen pages and all I want is a copy of the certificate it'self.I tried copy and paste no joy.Will check my previous post apologies had forgotten about it

  john bunyan 16:00 22 Aug 2014

Have the page you want on screen. In Internet explorer 11, click on "Tools" (little cog symbol in top right corner.) press print. When dialog box comes up select the "Page" in "Page range" list and put the page number you want in there. Print.

  ponytail 07:35 23 Aug 2014

Hi again john bunyan have just tried your last suggestion and there does not appear to be a cog symbol in that corner.I believe I have IE 10 how do I check that and could I do what you suggested in IE 10.

  ponytail 08:15 23 Aug 2014

I have just used the ALT and PRT SC method and pasted it in word then saved it in my documents but when I then opened it the document was to small.Then tried to to enlarge it by clicking the option at the top of the page and selecting 100% but cannot find a size that is suitable any ideas.Thanks for patience

  ponytail 08:30 23 Aug 2014

Have just tried something else went into the website signed in went to my policy right clicked selected save page as and put it into my documents but when I try to open it keep getting a message saying internet explorer has stopped working

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