Printing a Complete Workbook in Excel 2000

  TonyV 21:05 29 Aug 2005

I have been trying for ages to set up and print a complete workbook in Excel 2000. There are two tabbed sheets in the work book, one Income and one Expenditure. There are actually 2 physical pages if I print them individually, i.e. print Income then go and print Expenditure. What I want to do is to go to print and tell it to print the complete workbook and just print the two pages in one go. It will not do it! I've tried the "Entire Workbook" option, but this comes up with 15 pages of which there is nothing on 14 of them! Page 2 defies everything I have tried unless I do it individually.

I am running Windows XP SP2 and on Excel 2000 (From Office Pro 2000).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  Strawballs 21:20 29 Aug 2005

I made that mistake at work once someone sent me an exel file which I needed to print but as I was in a hurry I just hit print and the other person had somehow activated the entire exel workbook and when I got to the printer it had printed 200 pages of grid before it ran out of paper and when I checked the printer file it was trying to print 1000 pages.

  TonyV 21:26 29 Aug 2005

Are you actually saying that a complete workbook cannot be printed in one go when there only physically 2 pages, or even 90 pages, that want printing? Surely that can't be right! (Come back 123 all is forgiven!)


  Llwydyn 22:09 29 Aug 2005

Click on the tab of the first sheet, then hold Control when clicking on any additional sheets. Carry on as usual i.e. File > Print > ok. (I'm using Excel 2000).

This procedure also works for me when I want to use the same settings in Page Setup on other sheets within the same workbook. Click the tab of the sheet which contains the Page Setup settings you want to use and copy to the other sheets, then hold Control and choose the other tabs, then File > Page Setup > Ok.

I suppose it's also possible to set the Page Setup settings at the same time for all the sheets with this procedure.

  TonyV 22:10 29 Aug 2005

What a tortuous route to go through to get it to print the complete workbook. I set the Print Area for page one, then clicked on File/Print and set it to Entire Workbook, then went into Preview and lo & behold, there were the pages I wanted in one go. It printed all the pages and numbered them correctly and had the Titles correct. But, there is nothing in the Excel help that points you in that direction. I will now tick this one!


  TonyV 22:11 29 Aug 2005

We must have crossed in posting! I will look at what you are saying. Thanks


  TonyV 22:20 29 Aug 2005

I tried what you suggested and ended up with 29 pages!! 26 of which were blank. The method I fathomed out still seems to print the Workbook as I want it, but I can see no logic in it!
Thanks for your interest.


  Llwydyn 22:26 29 Aug 2005

The procedure I stated always works for me without printing any additional blank pages - cannot understand why you are still getting blank printouts.

  Llwydyn 22:30 29 Aug 2005

Forgot to mention that you can also check using Print Preview prior to printing with this method.

  TonyV 22:42 29 Aug 2005

Actually, I didn't physically get all the blank pages, they were seen in the Print Preview. I tried your method in another Workbook that had 3 tabbed sheets which gave 9 physical pages. It had never been set to print before so I tried your method, and it worked fine according to the Print Preview. Again thanks.


  Taff36 22:59 29 Aug 2005

Don`t you have to set the print area on each sheet first? Then print both sheets as you have said. (Select the cells then File>Print Area>Set Print Area etc)

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