printing on cds

  joe95 12:44 23 Nov 2005

I hope this doesn't sound like a silly question,
when you use printable cds/dvds is it special ink that's used or just the normal everyday stuff. I thought these were water based. Iam transffering a load of my tapes to disc and thought this would be better than sticky labels

thanks Joe

  jbp1982 13:11 23 Nov 2005

it is a normal inkjet printer you need, capable of taking cds/dvds and it is SPECIAL printable discs you need.

Epson R range are good, I have the R340 and the father in law uses the r300 both exceptional printers. They have a special tray the disc is inserted to and fed theough the printer.

  joe95 23:13 23 Nov 2005

thanks for the tips.

  Totally-braindead 23:20 23 Nov 2005

The ink will run if the disks get wet as far as I know because as you point out the ink is water soluble, you could buy clear plastic disk covers to cover the image I suppose. I've seen self adhesive clear ones in my local Woolworths which you could stick over the image.

  jbp1982 07:14 24 Nov 2005

adhesive labels can warp the disk, or peel whilst being played and jam. I stopped using labels and got this printer. Just don't get the disk wet.

  €dstowe 07:49 24 Nov 2005

I should be a very rare occurrence that a CD or DVD gets wet. If it does happen, it probably indicates that you are not much concerned about the disk anyway.

As jbp1982 states, avoid adhesive labels. Poor quality ones can seep residual solvent into the disk (unlikely but possible).

You can get spray lacquers designed for protecting disk surfaces but, it shouldn't really be necessary.

  joe95 20:48 24 Nov 2005

Thanks everyone will your tips in mnd

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