Printing on CD/DVD's

  Vindaloo 20:00 19 May 2006

Hi i have a little issue with the software supplied with my printer (Epson R300)for printing on CD/DVD.
Does anybody know of any other software around that prints to CD/DVD's.
Its not a big issue but would like another choice.
Oh yes Freeware if pos.

  Stuartli 20:03 19 May 2006

What is the issue?

I've found it easy enough to use.

  Smiler 20:05 19 May 2006

click here

Bottom of the page tells how to use any printing program to print cd/dvds

  Stuartli 20:08 19 May 2006
  Stuartli 20:11 19 May 2006

If you have Nero and SmartStart, there's a CD cover designer available.

  Smiler 20:21 19 May 2006

What is the issue with the Epson software we may be able to sort it out?

  Swampy 20:28 19 May 2006

Hi Vindaloo,

Before I bought my Canon Pixma IP3000 printer I had a similar problem. I simply spent some time in Microsoft Publisher making a template that could be altered for each disk. Once set up it was really easy to use. No doubt other programs could be used in a similar way. Hope this helps.

  Stuartli 21:28 19 May 2006

It seems we will never know what the issue was...:-)

  woodchip 21:34 19 May 2006

I know he as not come back. But just a question. Can any CD DVD label temps be used to print direct onto the printable discs or do you have to use Epsons own that links to the printer. Also will it print the full size of the label?

  woodchip 21:35 19 May 2006

How would you tell it to print direct to the CD not a Label

  rusty 21:59 19 May 2006

I use Discus 400k from click here
the best CD printing programme on the WEB.

PS I have the Epson R200.

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