Printing CD Labels

  ponytail 18:25 05 Feb 2008

Can anyone tell me the best way to print a CD label.I have got a pack of Fellowes CD/DVD labels.I have tried using my Epson stylus 900 Photo printer but they do not seem to print quite right.The pack says designed for use with Fellowes/CEATO CD Labelling system.Can someone advise. Thanks

  Technotiger 18:39 05 Feb 2008

When I used to print CD labels with an older Epson printer I found it was just a case of trial and error to get the label set-up properly (or I should say, nearly properly), a bit fiddly, but it generally worked reasonably well. I used to do trial prints onto ordinary A4 paper, and adjust bit by bit until I got it near enough. It was never an exact science, even with the Label Printing kit.

I now have a Epson printer which enables me to print direct onto Printable CDs/DVDs - very much better.

  Technotiger 18:41 05 Feb 2008

Perhaps time to update your printer - I have the Epson R265 (there are others of course) which prints direct on CD/DVD's. Prices are not bad either, at the moment.

  €dstowe 18:45 05 Feb 2008

Easiest to print slightly oversize so that the edges of your printing area overlap the actual size of the disk label. This is how commercial printing is done.

It is rare for important information to be at the edges and if it is there, move it to a more central position.

  sharpamat 19:02 05 Feb 2008

It may sound daft but have you installed the mediface software there was an earlier and an updated version

you need to oversize as already advised and also dont forget to snap field to fix after adjustment

  Pastor Joe 19:50 05 Feb 2008

My advice, don't do it. Let me explain. Bought 2 packets of CD labels from Ebay, they came with their own label programme. Looked the part, I labeled a couple dozen CD's. Then disaster. One of these lovely labels came unglued inside my home CD autochanger and jammed the entire thing. Couldn't get the disc or label out. Totally wrecked the autochanger, I had to replace it.

All the other CD's I'd labeled went in the bin, so did the blank labels. A CD pen is much safer, it can't get stuck in the autochanger unless one of the kids shoves it in there.

So be warned, if it happened to me it could happen to you.

  Stuartli 20:00 05 Feb 2008

It's because the label was probably slightly off-centre coupled with the centrifugal force created by the spinning disk (the rate of which depends on which area of the disk is being read).

In fact it can cause a disk, in rare cases, to shatter.

  ponytail 21:24 07 Feb 2008

Thanks for your replies but I have been told that I should use a lghtscribe CD writer and also use lightscribe CDs.I have checked these out and the disc's seem rather expensive.Is this the only way or is there a cheaper way.When I bought my Nero6 software some time ago it came with what I presume is something for printing CDs.It is a circular red item any ideas anyone.

  ponytail 12:23 10 Feb 2008

Hi Technotiger I have looked at the printer you mentioned and it looks ok.I presume you put your blank disc into the printer somewhere but does it then print what I have on my hard drive ie CD covers.

  Joe R 12:33 10 Feb 2008


these Epson printers come with software called Epson Print-CD, and it makes a very good job of printing directly onto the CD surface.

You will have to buy printable cd's, although there is very little price difference.

  Stuartli 12:39 10 Feb 2008

Lightscribe is a different technique to printing directly onto a disk with an appropriate standard photo printer.


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