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Printing a booklet from MSPublisher

  Tycho 11:29 21 Dec 2006

I have just created 16 A5 page folded booklet and want to print it. It is fine if I only print on one side of the paper but I cannot get it to print the correct pages so that I can print the other side on my Samsung ML1610 laser printer.

When I used computer Concepts Impression on my old Acorn it was dead easy. MS seems to have retrogressed!


  Stuartli 16:04 21 Dec 2006

It sounds as if you need to work out which pages to print on each side of an A5 sheet before stapling them together.

The first page, for instance, will have Pages 1 and 16 on one side and, on the reverse, 2 and 15.

Then the second sheet will be 3 and 14 on one side and 4 and 13 on the other; carry on in sequence for the last two sheets.

  Tycho 17:11 21 Dec 2006

Publisher has done all of that and prints out the adjacent pages perfectly. Its just that it prints them all on oe side of the paper with no means of printing just the first side and then the sencond side so that you could turn all the pages over.

I am just beginning to have a good idea... (I think) I will let you know if it works when SWMBO arrives with some more paper.


  Tycho 17:34 21 Dec 2006

this option does not exist in my setup. I am using Publisher 2000

  Newuser939 18:06 21 Dec 2006

Sorry if this sounds too obvious, but do you have to go into printer set up to tell the printer to print double sided?

  Tycho 18:09 21 Dec 2006

No option for that either. And its not a duplex printer.


  Tycho 10:54 23 Dec 2006

I fee rather strongly that people should not have thir trouble with a modern piece of software. computer Concepts had it sussed 15 years ago on the Acorn with Impression.

Anyway, this is how I got around it. I had already created the document (a 16 page booklet on Christmas Carol words) as a folded booklet.

1st I printed out the document and made up a mock booklet by putting the relevant pages back to back with one another.

2nd I laid the pages out on the table with the printed side up so that I could see what was backed on to what.

3rd I then printed out one copy of the booklet and rearranged the pages to match up with the pages that I had on the table.

4th I then printed out the other sides of the sheets on to the correct sides and...

5th Assembled the copies of the booklet.

I hope that this is sufficiently clear to be of help to someone else!


  Stuartli 11:23 23 Dec 2006

Your solution seems, on the surface, to be what I suggested.

It's the method used in making up newspaper, magazines etc pages for publications, although on a much greater scale.

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