Printing Blank Pages

  Scubaman 23:35 19 Dec 2005

I have a computer that is running XP Home with Office XP Pro. I have tried printing a document but all that comes out is a blank page, the printer actually goes through the motions of printing but nothing is actually printed. I can print a test page and there is one document out of 18 that will print, strange indeed. I am baffled, I can copy and paste a document to paint and it prints, likewise a photo. I tried pasting the document to notepad but that just produced a blank page. I even copied a file from another machine to a floppy and tried printing that, still no joy. Oh, I have reinstalled XP pro and changed the printer cable, it is a parallel cable to LPT1, the port checked OK and all troubleshooting points double checked Any ideas.

  Sharpamatt 07:11 20 Dec 2005

you may get a bigger responce by including the type of printer you are useing, and how old it is,

Its presumed you have checked ink levels, blocked heads, etc. but without knowing the type of printer, s

omone may have had the same problem, and be able to help

  wee eddie 08:20 20 Dec 2005

to see what is there?

What software are you using?

  jack 08:29 20 Dec 2005

Just to get all this in order.
Certain pages DO print you said in 'Paint' for example.
You ran a test document and 1 out of 18 printed.

Do tell us the printer , though I suspect it will not be relevent, it printed something.

You said Wordpad did not print

What program was running the 18 page test?

The printer was going through the motions and delivering blank sheets.

This is beginig to look like an Operating system skewed install.

Can you set a system repair?

  Scubaman 08:31 20 Dec 2005

Ooops! Sorry. It is an HP 720C, pretty old I think. The software was loaded automatically with WIN XP, which was recommended by the wizard. Should I use the CD that came with the printer? The document is visible in print preview but it wont print from there either. I can't see the heads being blocked if I can print a test page and there is one document that will print, and I can copy and paste to paint and print ok.

  Scubaman 08:43 20 Dec 2005

Hi Jack, I was posting my reply the same time as you so here is some info. All the documents are in ms word, and are all different documents, not all test pages. It will print a test page no problem and for some reason there is one document in word that will print the other 17 wont, very strange. The print head goes through the motions as if printing but nothing comes out. In the meantime I will try a system restore.

  wee eddie 08:54 20 Dec 2005

Single page - Multi Page.

Could be a memory problem.

Try "Spooling" the document and printing from there. I cant tell you how as I haven't had to do that since my old Apricot.

  jack 09:09 20 Dec 2005

1. A Test page is 'printer generated' that is apart from the PC telling the printer to do it -it has no further involvement.
However a Computer generated page is getting through.

I suggest you do load the CD.
The Window library driver may not be the full spec.
Try that then come back.

  Sharpamatt 09:30 20 Dec 2005

have a look here for both on line dig, and installation here

The 720C is knocking on but is compatable with XP

in the installation instructions it seems to indicate you will need the original XP discs which came with your system

  Scubaman 09:48 20 Dec 2005

Hi Sharpamat, I have intalled the printer on my other computer as per the instructions you suggested, again running XP home, but more up to date hardware, I tried to print a document from word but the same thing happened. Yet...... I can print a document from Excel. Surely this must point to the printer?

  Sharpamatt 12:20 20 Dec 2005

The fact that you can print from Excel but not from word then to me its not the printer but the settings on your system.

You could try re installing word. To eliminate further try printing from Notepad, and other scources such as a webpage

You could also try ( from the same link ) an online test of your printer. However with the present low cost, if you have doubts it may be the time to update it

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