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  march 12:06 19 Nov 2004

got wins 98 & word2000, under options, print tab, 'print background options' is selected

kids have asked me how do they select a background theme or colour then type their letters & print them off with their selected choice of background or theme on the letters?

no idea I said but maybe someone here will,
anyone help?

  march 12:15 19 Nov 2004

when I go to background I dont have Printed Watermark, just a colour selection box with colours, no fill, fill effects

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 12:18 19 Nov 2004

In Word I believe you need to use Watermarks to get a background that prints. From the Format Menu select, Background and then Printed Watermark. See if that gets your solution.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 13:56 19 Nov 2004

Have a look here click here

  march 16:37 19 Nov 2004

will read soon & post back

thanks JaßîsFaß ˜

  march 18:33 19 Nov 2004

had a look & understand how to put in background & pics etc so that was helpful,

but I would like to know

if you go into word, then format,themes & select 'artsy' for instance you get a background but I dont understand how to print off what I can see on screen

  GroupFC 21:27 19 Nov 2004

I'm not an expert but I have just had a quick look (in Word 97) and I don't think you can. (In word 97 I went format>background>fill effects and had a play around in that which is similar to what you are trying to do, I think).

I think that these functions are for designing web pages and therefore don't print off.

Of course (as with all things to do with computers!) I may way off here , but at least this will bump you up the list. I'm going off to have a play around now and see if I can find the answer!

  Cook2 21:42 19 Nov 2004

Open your Office 2000 Document and go to Format - Background - Fill effects and choose Gradient, Texture, Pattern or Picture.

  march 07:39 20 Nov 2004

trying to do exactly as you have GroupFC & I dont think it can be done either; if you do as Cook2 says it brings up the background but it cant be printed off which is why I was stumped.

really long winded way was to print off paper with a background by,

word, insert,pic,clip art,backgrounds, then I chose a background & inserted disc, selected insert clip & dragged to size, then chose save as,

printed it;reinserted paper back in printer type letter & printed it off

I thought there must be a simple way to do it from the format, background, fill effects, etc
otherwise I can't see why that is there if it cant be used for that purpose unless it's as you say its just for web pages,
will leave this running to see if anyone knows if it can be done.

ta very much you two

  seedie 08:08 20 Nov 2004

I may be wrong here but under options, print tab, 'print background options' means printing in the background i.e. while you're doing something else on the puter. Look up background printing in Word help. If I'm wrong I'm still in my dressing gown drinking 1st cup of tea-not awake.


  march 08:35 20 Nov 2004

had a look seedie & it says

Note When Background Printing is on, you can continue to work in Word while you print. Background printing uses additional system memory. To speed up printing, clear the Background printing check box.

so dressing gown & not awake,your still right

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