Printing article from your regular emails.

  cenme 18:46 01 Mar 2013

When trying to print off one of you articles from your regular emails the box on a black background detailing PC Advisor, with IDG at the bottom, jumps up the page and obscures part of the article. Please can you advise how I can stop this.

  northumbria61 22:20 01 Mar 2013

It may just be me but I don't understand what you are trying to achieve?

  cenme 23:04 01 Mar 2013

Perhaps I haven't explained properly. When I see an item on the regular emails from PCA that I find of interest or may answer a problem I may have encountered, I would like to print it off for future reference or immediate use. However the large box with a black background that appears at the foot of each page of PCA, telling all about PCA and their facilities, somehow moves when printing and appears in the body of the page obscuring part of the article.

  lotvic 23:53 01 Mar 2013

Do you mean when you click on a link in the pca email, which opens your browser to display the pca page with the article? and then you try to print the page?

If so then you need to tell us which browser you are using. For instance in Firefox 18 you can set/alter the print options and see how it affects the page, via: File | Print Preview | and then in window showing the print preview, click on Page Setup and alter the settings until the page looks how you want it before you click on Print.

Alternatively in the ordinary browser page you can highlight/select the text including the pics, you want and go to: File | Print, and put dot in 'Selection' and then click on Print (handy, but you can't see a preview - at least I can't in mine)

OR as above but copy selection and paste into Word instead of printing. This has the advantage of being able to tidy it up before saving or printing.

  cenme 11:36 02 Mar 2013

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the Page Setup /Print Preview doesn't alter the situation whatever I do.

I think the only way is to highlight/select what I want and print from there as you say, although that can be a bit messy sometimes.

Many thanks

  lotvic 11:51 02 Mar 2013

why not - instead of printing - save the webpage HTLM to a Folder on your pc? it would save on ink and paper.

  cenme 13:18 03 Mar 2013

Thanks again. Will do.

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