printing after scanning slides

  diwedd 14:52 12 Feb 2010

Please help. I have just set up my new Epson V300 scanner & have managed to scan a few slides with no problem (another 800+ to go!) I used the professional mode (is this the best to use?) & then printed one on 6x4 photo paper. The photo came out ok but didn't take up the whole of the paper - black edges 1" wide on both sides of the printed photo. Did I scan it incorrectly or is there a setting for printing? Many thanks.

  Woolwell 15:50 12 Feb 2010

You don't mention your printer,from what program you are printing them or OS.

There should be a setting to scale the image to fill the print area for either borderless prints or to leave a small area around the print or print to fit frame. Print preview should show you what it will look like.

Beware that unless your scan is in the same proportion as 6x4 you could lose edges unless you resize your image.

  johndrew 16:11 12 Feb 2010

You can print directly from the Epson scanner software but it isn`t, in my opinion, as flexible as printing from a dedicated photo editing program. There are several freeware programs (IrfanView/Gimp for example) and many commercial offerings. There is also the Windows picture printing Wizard if you want to try that. I think the print option is mainly for document copying.

In all cases you may well need to fit the picture(s) to the paper size you are using. Make certain your printer is set up for the correct paper size (the default for many appears to be US rather than Metric or Imperial) and that it will print either to the edge or be contained within a set area.

As for scanning I use "Home" rather than "Auto" or "Professional" modes as it provides adequate selection options with less room to mess up settings. The Epson manual is quite good in explaining the various settings and their Customer Support site also provides further information and a "human" source if all else fails.

  woodchip 16:24 12 Feb 2010

Sounds like you got the Paper in wrong way round, or change orientation

  diwedd 16:31 12 Feb 2010

Thanks both. Using Canon Pixma ip4000 & Windows Vista. Tried so many variations now & no change. Just scanned 4 different photos & one was brilliant, 2 had the black borders each side (on preview & when printed) & one lost person's head & neck totally. I turned this slide upside down but head still lost. Tried printing on both Epson software & Canon easy photo print (this fits the picture to the paper size requested) Why is the head lost?
These slides are over 50 yrs old so I'd like to get it right!! Guess i'll have to practice some more!

  Woolwell 17:07 12 Feb 2010

I don't use canon easy photo print but I suspect that it is fairly basic and tries to fit but because the original isn't the same size as 6 x 4 it crops it to fit and you lose edges.
It would be better to use a photo editing program as johndrew suggested.

I have done some 2000 slides and had to edit a substantial number to get the colour hues right as I found that a number had become bluer with age or had darkened.

  diwedd 17:20 12 Feb 2010

By jove I think I've cracked it - just by turning the slides 90*. No black borders & all heads intact! This wasn't made clear in the manual, or maybe i don't read manuals too well. Thanks for all your help

  Woolwell 17:24 12 Feb 2010

Or print 4 x 6

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