Printing addresses from Excel worksheet

  exdragon 18:12 29 Mar 2006

Hi - at work, I produce invoices in Excel and would like to know if I can print the addresses directly on to envelopes as you can in Word.

I know - it'd be easier to put the address in the appropriate place for a window envelope, but the letterhead is too deep (we can't change it - don't ask, it's a definite no!!)

I also know I can print labels, but just want to know if it can be done the other way.


  pj123 18:26 29 Mar 2006

Well I use Window envelopes but I will give what you want to do a try and see what happens. I am pretty sure it must be possible to it.

  johnnyrocker 18:30 29 Mar 2006

is mail merge a possibility?


  exdragon 18:31 29 Mar 2006

Thanks - I've spent so much time that it would have been quicker to do the envelopes by hand, in Copperplate. It's just bugging me! I've even tried copying & pasting to Word, but I can only print the first line of the address, and it makes no difference if I merge the address cells or not.

I'v got to go out now, but will check later - fingers crossed that you can make me a happy soul....

  VoG II 18:58 29 Mar 2006

I've never tried it but click here might help.

  terryf 19:02 29 Mar 2006

you could try saving the workbook as a txt or csv file and then import that into Word

  lindyloo4 19:15 29 Mar 2006

I've found this, don't know if it will help click here

  exdragon 23:17 29 Mar 2006

It looks as if VoG™'s suggestion may work, I'll giive it a try tomorrow.

I've just had a thought that if it doesn't, I could do away with Excel & do the invoices in Word, but Excel is handier as I have all the worksheets together, one invoice per sheet.

  brambles 15:55 30 Mar 2006

at the bottom 'File of Type' from the drop down menu Select MS EXCEL WORKBOOK

Hope that helps I use it a lot for my Church
secretarial functions. You must have headers in the Excel Sheet.

Always more than one way
Select the Excel Workshop Page
Paste it into a new Word Document - where it will appear in tables. Make sure you have headings and do an ordiary Mail Merge from there.

You decide

  exdragon 22:32 31 Mar 2006

Thanks, Brambles, but it isn't a normal list of names and addresses, it's individual invoices, on separate worksheets. The macro seems to work best, but it's a bit fiddly and I keep forgetting to reset the page size to A4.

Oh well, perhaps sledgehammer to crack a walnut scenario.

Thanks to all anyway!

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