Printing address on one envelope.

  cruiser2 17:27 21 Apr 2014

I had a programme which enabled me to type the address on an envelope shown on my computer and then print it onto an envelope. During an upgrade and clean up of unwanted items I have lost this useful tool. It was a free version and would do different sizes of envelopes. There are some American ones which have a space for the return address. But would like to have the one I originally had. Any help much appreciated.

Perhaps you could use the driver for your printer? My Epson printer allows me to set the Paper size, including some Envelope sizes.

  bumpkin 18:16 21 Apr 2014

Type it into a Word document in the right position then put an envelope in instead of a sheet of paper.

  TonyV 20:58 21 Apr 2014


Try using OpenOffice and the envelope templates. I find it works very well and prints envelopes for me very well and certainly easily!

Have fun!


  cruiser2 10:22 23 Apr 2014

Have managed to find a web site which gives me what I want. Thank you for your replies. This post is now closed.

  cruiser2 18:39 23 Apr 2014

The web site is You have to go thorugh a menu and down load the file. I now have it as an icon on my desk top for future use.

Hope this is of use to other members.

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