Printing A1 size from Publisher 2003

  AFoxyLady 20:56 08 Sep 2008

I have designed an A1 poster in Publisher 2003. My problem is printing it!

I would like to be able to choose to print it as one document, as I have a friend who has a large printer and can print this size document.

Unfortunately when I go to "Print" and then convert it to a PDF - it saves it as 16 individual pages! It is too clever and is assuming I only have an A4 printer.

Is there any way I can produce this as "one document" so it can be printed in one go?

I have tried producing it in word, but it will not let me make the custom size paper big enough.

It makes no difference if I try to "print" as a document or convert it to a PDF using PrimoPDF.

  VoG II 21:11 08 Sep 2008

You need to be connected to the 'large' printer before this will work.

  AFoxyLady 21:20 08 Sep 2008

Bother! The friend does not have publisher - Is there any way that I can set up a page in word that is A1 size, or fool it into thinking I able to print larger sizes?

  Marko797 21:32 08 Sep 2008

maybe u cud pdf the doc and then email it to whoever has an A1 printer? Should work if the recipient has Adobe Reader I would think.

  AFoxyLady 21:54 08 Sep 2008

Trouble is when I pdf it - it converts it to 16 pages still - its a tad frustrating especially as I need them for a show at the weekend!

  €dstowe 21:58 08 Sep 2008

I don't wish to appear sarcastic but, I'm very surprised that someone with an A1 printer (which are far from common) doesn't have a facility to be able to at least read Publisher files, even if they don't have the software installed.

  Marko797 22:00 08 Sep 2008

but I'm sure u can join/merge the pages in pdf, can't u?

Why are u printing then saving to pdf, and not saving to pdf first by the way?

  AFoxyLady 22:07 08 Sep 2008

€dstowe - they have CAD software - I have no idea if CAD they use can read publisher files, but do not think so.

Marko797 - the pdf conversion software I am using is called Primo pdf - and to convert to a pdf you go to file and print, and then choose Primo - it then converts your document into a pdf format. I then get 16 individual pages, which is great if I want to print via my own A4 printer, and then join them all together to make up the A1 poster I require. Might have to go this route if all else fails, but it does look very amatuerish I feel especially as I am going to a show.

Thanks for the pointers though - but looks like my particular problem is not going to be solved very easily.

  Marko797 22:13 08 Sep 2008

as a last resort here, are u using pub 2007?

If u are u can save as pdf or xps, or a variety of formats.

Might be worth playing with, then shoot it over to your friend?

  AFoxyLady 22:17 08 Sep 2008

Thanks Marko797, but I only have 2003 version. I have tried saving as a word document, but it can / will only save text, so I lose all the formatting etc.

I have even tried doing all of it in word, but I can't set a custom page of A1 size in word - no matter what I try it just will not let me.

  Marko797 22:29 08 Sep 2008

size is 59.4 x 84.1 cm I think.

Really last resort, set page parameters as above and save as JPEG under save options.

Really really last resort, get your friend to install Pub.

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