swanny2 10:19 12 Feb 2006

hi there
i have a epson c86. the problem is when its printed a page of ,some of the text is missing from the end of the page.
Everything is correct in set up .ie- paper square etc. but just cant see the missin text at end..
Any thoughts please.
Swanny :O)

  Diemmess 10:37 12 Feb 2006

Try going from Control Panel to Printers and right click the C86.
You may find the default paper size is set to the American "Letter" rather than A4.

  spuds 14:42 12 Feb 2006

I tend to use the Epson 'Web-To-Page' toolbar, which was provided on the installation cd. Using the main-page file/print sometimes causes the same 'missing print' errors on my C86.

  p;3 19:45 13 Feb 2006

you might find this thread useful to read

click here

(original idea courtesy of Djohn:)) )

  Totally-braindead 19:52 13 Feb 2006

If you tick "shrink to fit" it will reduce the size of the page so that it all appears.

  swanny2 12:16 14 Feb 2006

Everything seems ok on set up. now its printing the page of length ways an seems all lobb sided when printed. grr
ty all for advise anyway .
Swanny :O)

  Diemmess 18:06 14 Feb 2006

Surely the Epson software gives you the opportunity to set things up before you actually hit the Print button?
Isn't there a "paper" tab and other tabs which allow you to choose the type of paper, and perhaps more important - the margin sizes and the orientation Portrait v. Landscape?

You haven't actually said the source of the document you are trying to print is it Word or Works or what.

  ade.h 19:01 14 Feb 2006

Does it happen with all prints or just text documents?

It is possible - once you have exhausted all the settings - that the paper feed has become faulty and is not picking it up fully. I have had a couple of printers suffer that and the fault manifested itself exactly as you have described.

  woodchip 22:11 14 Feb 2006

I think you will find that it is the Text program Print settings are different to the Printer settings for text. If it's a Photo edge to edge printer you can only use that if you set it. For text the bottom margine for a Epson is about ?"

  swanny2 19:34 15 Feb 2006

Here r the settings its set too. but when it prints now say a page of the web. it comes out length ways on the paper.
quality option plain paper/bright white paper.
portrait in orientation text
a4 210x297m

Swanny :O)

  woodchip 19:43 15 Feb 2006

So what's wrong with setting in Printer Properties before you click print. set it to portrait

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