Printers, particularly Epson

  Kegsy 12:47 09 Oct 2003

Have had a Epson C60 for over a year now and my sister has the same model. We both seem to be forever getting lines across when printing in colour and having to go through the nozzle cleaning procedure, often more than once. Does anyone else have problems? We have HP's at work and never seem to have any problems. Also HP's run much more quietly.

  MichelleC 13:19 09 Oct 2003

My son's hp needs his nozzles cleaning. I'll have to look up to see how it's done.

  wags 13:27 09 Oct 2003

Do you use the printer regularly, as if not, you will often find that the nozzles get blocked. I experienced this with an Epson 760 and wasted a lot of ink in the process of running cleaning utilities etc.

I now have a Canon which so far has exhibited no such problem and is whisper quiet :)

  Kegsy 13:32 09 Oct 2003

I suspected that might be the problem, no I don't use it frequently. Thanks Wags

  Wak 14:22 09 Oct 2003

I have found that printing half a line of text in BLACK, RED, BLUE and YELLOW using a size 20/24 font approx every 7/10 days will keep the nozzles from drying out and the ink flowing. It may use a little ink but probably not as much as when doing a nozzle clean once or twice.
It could also save the cost of replacing the cartridge(s).

  woodchip 14:34 09 Oct 2003

And set it to maximum resolution print to clean all the jets

  Wak 09:08 10 Oct 2003

Thanks Woodchip, I forgot to mention about the best printing mode.

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