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  1st spring 10:16 13 Feb 2010

I would like to buy an Epson printer that prints on disks. I do not want w=one that has a scanner connected. do you know where I can buy one from?

Laptops can you suggest a good inexpensive laptop. I like to do pictures and I would like to use games, not sure what else, TV connection not needed

  Pineman100 10:28 13 Feb 2010

Some useful websites for IT equipment:

click here

click here

click here|16229|buy%20laptop||S|p|3635725288

click here

  mooly 17:59 13 Feb 2010

click here

  1st spring 19:54 23 Feb 2010

Still looking for my laptop. I know where to find them, thank you but can you tell me which is the best buy for the money? I do not want to pay the earth for one. I would like a 17" I do lots of photographs and I wouldn't mind the odd game, I also send email. I want one with a good battery life.

  GaT7 19:59 23 Feb 2010

When you talk about games, what are these exactly? Are these the games that come installed with Windows, or 3rd-party 3D games? If it's the latter, then names would be helpful.

Telling us your max budget would be useful too. G

  1st spring 20:18 23 Feb 2010

I think I will forget about games. My PC came with a game. A rabbit being chased by eggs. I bought it at Easter, now it not play which I am disappointed about. Not looking to buy games for the PC just cards that come with PC's Cheap ones come between £300 and £500 that is mac for me

  woodchip 23:01 23 Feb 2010

Good Laptop Battery life and 17ins screens do not mix. If you want good battery life you need a 10ins screen Netbook. I have a Samsung nc10 that gives in the Region of 7 hours battery run time.

  1st spring 09:39 24 Feb 2010

I have seen an Acer with 15.6" screen that would suit me with up to 8 hrs battery life but it was over £500, also A HP from J Lewis but that was £600 I like to have the 2 yr guarantee but not at that price. do you have have any other suggestions?

  woodchip 09:50 24 Feb 2010

Never seen a 15.6" screen laptop last 8hours. I think you should ask before you buy as that will only run at most 2hour

  1st spring 10:31 24 Feb 2010

J Lewis and Stapels sell them, Both were acer

  GaT7 16:14 24 Feb 2010

17" laptops to consider starting at just over £400: click here.

The reason I asked about games is because most 3D games made in the last 5 years need a reasonably good graphics card to run smoothly. The onboard graphics one finds in most laptops is just not good enough. Some games with low graphics requirements will be fine, as you've found out.

As woodchip says, most laptops (more so the cheaper ones) don't have very good battery life. In addition, 17" ones are usually heavier than smaller ones, so this may be another factor to consider if you're going to be carting it around a lot. Of course, if it's going to remain mostly in one place, then you don't need to be concerned about this - or even a long battery life. G

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