Printers. Its a BIG decision.

  AdventCalendar 19:38 05 Dec 2003

Ive found it hard choosing a printer.

1stly, im in France at the minute, so I tend to buy online, which makes the usual routines difficult.

2ndly, I see one i like the sound of, and then i see another one, and another, and all review sites have different top 5's and various people recommend various makes...its all very brain tiring.

Obviously printers are more a matter of personal choice...but I need your help.

Im looking to spend upto £150 for a mid ranged printer. It is mainly for text, but will also be needed to print the occasional photo.

Cost of cartridges are important too.

One ive been thinking seriously about is the Epson Cx300 which is a 3 in 1, and is available for only £90...and the reviews are all good, and i prefer Epson's.

Any advice or ideas would be gratefully recieved.

Many thanks....


  R4 20:05 05 Dec 2003

I prefer HP Inkjet printers for general printing and graphics. Deskjet 690C on my old stanby ssystem is still going strong some 10 years after I bought it and the 710C on the main system is abot 5 years old no trouble on either.

  R4 20:06 05 Dec 2003

I beleive the HP 3-in-one is about £100

  misery 20:09 05 Dec 2003

at the Canon i865 around £157 from click here delivery in two days.

  broggs 20:18 05 Dec 2003

agree with misery here...the canon i865 is a brilliant printer which also prints directly onto cds as well.The inkjet carts are very cheap(black photo,black,magenta,cyan,yellow).
You only need to change the cart that has run out.

  sil_ver 20:20 05 Dec 2003

If cartridge prices are to be taken into consideration then it's got to be an Epson BUT the Photo 830 does not appear to be very reliable (I've had 2 replaced - without hassle - in a year) so would not recommend it but on the whole I've always had good service from the others I've had.

  AdventCalendar 17:28 06 Dec 2003

anyone else?

  philwane 18:14 06 Dec 2003

I use a Laser printer for most of my work ( printing web pages or printing from Word or Excel )they are really economical and you can get them for about £60 now. If I am printing colour i.e. photographs I use a HP deskjet 930c

  Sir Radfordin 18:16 06 Dec 2003

HP5650 or HP5652 (same model different number) seems a good choice.

Some of the recent Epsons do seem to have had reliability problems.

My view is 3 in 1 is only good for space saving as you always risk loosing the whole lot when one things goes wrong 2 days after the warranty ran out!

  bremner 18:58 06 Dec 2003

If you are in France then this site may interest you click here

  Forum Editor 19:07 06 Dec 2003

is a Canon i950.

It hasn't put a foot wrong in the couple of months or so that it's adorned my desk, and it makes a lovely job of image printing. I sometimes have to send proof copies of images to clients, and I need the print quality to be good - this printer delivers. I can't remember how much I paid for it at the moment.

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