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Printers gone awry x Four

  Furkin 12:12 25 Jul 2017

After a power outage, & surge when it came back on, it blew quite a few household items.

Luckily, it didn’t affect my main PC, nor – I thought – the printers.

I only turned them on to check. They all lit up, so I assumed, not ‘dead’, must be working.

1/ Yesterday, I tried to print a letter on my Brother MFC 5840 CN (all-in-one). It didn’t print typed text, but it did print the inserted shapes (horizontal line and box). It has new ink and did work.

2/ Strangely, when I tried to print the label on my Brother QL560, it just shoots blanks ! I think this is a thermal printer.

3/ I tried my Konica Minolta Magicolor 2350 DL, and whilst it does print text ( or did yesterday,,,, more testing today) it pushed the letter about 2½“ down the page, thereby lopping the bottom 2½“ off !

4/ I just tried the (wireless) H.P Photosmart 5520 (all-in-one), & it likewise just prints shapes and pictures, but no text.

I’m running tests on them - except the label printer - but getting nowhere.

I've checked inks - all ok. Tried printing text in different colours - to no avail.
I’m beginning to think it’s a PC problem rather than a printer one.

More details when I get them,,,,,

any ideas please ?

  xania 14:10 25 Jul 2017

Printer drivers probably damaged.

I would advise removing all the printer drivers and rebooting the computer with all printers disconnected from the PC. Then reinstall each printer in turn, connecting each to the PC only when instructed to do so during the reinstall process.

  Furkin 10:47 26 Jul 2017

Thanks guys,

The HP printer is wireless, and wasn't 'on' when the surge came through.

In fact, I don't think any of the printers were on at the time. I tend to turn them on as needed.

Thats why I now suspect the PC rather than individual printers.

The usb mouse & keyboard are o.k. And they were on at the time.

I'll look into removing the drivers when I get back from the hospital.


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