printers and compatible inks

  eysha 15:04 18 Sep 2008

My printer recently gave up the ghost and i need to buy a new one but i am finding the price of inks way too high for me so does anyone have any advice regarding a decent printer that i can get cheap compatible inks for please, and where to get the inks too?
My old one was a Canon i250 and lasted for about 3 years and the inks were cheap too. I don't need high quality as i mainly print out documents and the odd photograph for myself to work from for my artwork.
I am staying clear of Epson as i hear they are in a lot of legal hasstle against companies that do compatible inks for their printers.
Thanks in advance

  crosstrainer 15:09 18 Sep 2008

Epson bleat a lot, but believe me, you can use the cheaper carttridges in the printers...I have for years.

If you just wnat a standard, no frills printer:

click here

One of these will fit the bill. I buy my replacement carts. from Tesco...No problems legal or otherwise.

  eysha 15:20 18 Sep 2008

these no frills priners are hard to buy now. everyone seems to be pushing the all in ones that i don't want or need.
will go look at Tesco thanks.

  Condom 16:29 18 Sep 2008

Epson still make some of the best stand alone printers in the world. If you go to the Epson site you can often buy their factory refurbished ones at a very good price and they come complete with the usual guarantees. Personally I use an Epson R265 but with CISS (continuous ink supply system) and have never bought a replacement cart for 18 months. The quality is fantastic and the price so much cheaper than any branded replacements or refills.

  eysha 16:33 18 Sep 2008

thanks Condom. I find the ink prices now to be high so this is a major consideration for me. I usually have Canon printers but am happy to swop to Epson if i can get cheap compatible inks for them as what i do doesn't warrent expensive inks at all.
so if yoou know of any sites that sell cheap inks please let me know. i will go to Epson's site and see what they have. thanks for the info. E.

  woodchip 16:38 18 Sep 2008

I use Epsons Have for years and Filed also use compats. But I do recommend that cleaning carts are used to flush old ink for using different inks

Ink from click here
or click here

  Condom 17:28 18 Sep 2008

Try to Google CISS and look at the continuous ink supply systems which do away with the need for any replacement cartridges or carts. There are many places in the UK where you can purchase them and save lots of money in due course.

  The Old Mod 18:00 18 Sep 2008

Hi I've never used another printer other than Epson, and have always used compatibles, never had a problem. A set for my 895 is about £3.00, and for my R200 about £4.50. So for me I'll stick with Epson for cheap compats.

  blanco 18:44 18 Sep 2008

I've been using a Canon Pixma iP 3300 which works fine on compatables. All you lose is the pop up showing you the level of ink remaining.

  sharpamat 18:48 18 Sep 2008

I also have used epson for many years righ from a 9 pin DMP my latest ( approx 2 years old ) an R265 like Condom I also put a CISS on and like him well over 18 months on the ink that came with it.

The R265 range ( 3 of them ) use a different ink, than the rest of epson printers.

I just ordered a refill set ( under £7 ) so for 18 months of heavy use the Ciss and refill ( total under £40 pound ) have paid for themselves

I use this site as I find them both realible and cheap click here

  eysha 22:28 18 Sep 2008

Thanks everyone, looks like an Epson.
Sharpamat i cannot believe you got all that for that price. where did you buy the epson R265? cannot find it at Amazon or a high street store, i don't buy from places like e-bay though.

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