sopwith 09:57 06 Oct 2004

morning all
need some advice on the above
i am contemplating buying a new all in one
fancy an epsom cx3600
have checked the spec on the above seems ok but i need it to handle "heavy" paper and card up to 250gms.
have contacted epson support - no reply
any body got any clue weather it will or can suggest a suitable printer

  Sethhaniel 10:02 06 Oct 2004

if just black/white a good laser printer is quite cheap - All-in-ones in my experience are more trouble than enough - ;)

  Noelg23 10:06 06 Oct 2004

why not go to the epson website and check there? I have the same make and its a beauty...I printed off some business cards with it and it prints it off no I think it can handle here

  pj123 11:49 06 Oct 2004

Most Epson printers that I have used will take that weight of card/paper (mainly because, unlike HP, the paper track doesn't have to do a 180 degree turn) providing you load it one sheet at a time.

Be a little bit wary about MFD printers, remember if one thing goes wrong with it, it all goes wrong. I have a separate printer, scanner and copier.

  Baledor 11:52 06 Oct 2004

for 3 months and it works like a dream, just thought you should know.

  Baledor 11:53 06 Oct 2004

I print 250GSM photo paper a lot and the printer has not has a problem.

  Stuartli 11:56 06 Oct 2004

MFDs have improved dramatically in the last year or so and have much higher specifications.

But as pj123 rightly points out, if one element goes wrong then you lose the lot until it's been repaired.

  Noelg23 12:04 06 Oct 2004

well for someone who is PC Tech...I will have no problems getting my all in one fixed...all you have to do is locate the problem and see what can be done to rectify it...

  pj123 12:47 06 Oct 2004

Noelg23, yes I understand that. But you can't just send the bit that is wrong away for repair. The whole unit has to go and you are left with nothing in the meantime. Plus the fact that most Epson repair centres that I have had experience with will always say that "It would be cheaper to buy a new unit than have this one repaired"

Which is the main reason I will stick to separates.

  Noelg23 12:58 06 Oct 2004

I am not bothered really..I hardly use my the past when I built PCs for meself I never got a was my missus who got my all in one as a birthday present...but I will always recommend to people...everyone has their preference in the end...

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