KirstyK 17:30 16 May 2011

Are all printers Bluetooth? Do they work anywhere in the house? Eg Canon Pixma Mg5150? I got this from Argos and it is advertised as wireless but I can't set it up at the moment; any ideas? Has anyone else got one and does it work wirelessly and can you use it from different rooms eg more than 30ft away?

  chub_tor 17:47 16 May 2011

Not all printers are Bluetooth, most work with your internet WiFi Router and with the WiFi associated with your PC. The Canon Pixma MG5150 is NOT a wireless printer See here If Argos advertised this model as wireless they were incorrect, you should take it back. 30 feet inside a house may be a stretch, it depends on how good your router is and where it is located.

  Sea Urchin 17:59 16 May 2011

In the Argos catalogue the Canon Pixma MG8150, 6150 and 5250 are advertised as Wireless enabled - but the 5150 is not.

  spuds 18:16 16 May 2011

As previously mentioned, the 5150 is not wireless but the 5250 is.

You say that you cannot set it up at the moment. Why is this. Wasn't there an instruction book, quick start set-up leaflet or cd supplied with the printer?.

If you do a search on the internet, there are a number of reviews and articles about this printer, assuming that it is the Canon Pixma 5250.

  KirstyK 22:13 16 May 2011

5150 printer in Argos says it is wireless, but it isn't. Couldn't set it up to get it to work wirelessly, not even on Bluetooth. Will exchange it for the MG5250; thanks. Is this a good one?

  wee eddie 23:21 16 May 2011

Checked the Canon Pixma 5150 on the Argos Site. Nothing to say that it's Wireless or Bluetooth. They even specify that there's an USB Cable in the box.

You're thinking of the 5250, which is listed as being Wireless.

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