Rossagh 10:54 25 May 2004

A friend has asked my advice on buying a printer ( shows what he knows!). The printer is required mainly for text with the occasional family photo thrown in.
I have an HP 6122, which I find good, but not exceptional.
The cost of cartridges would be of some consideration.
Any advice, please - what are readers feelings on multifunctions?
Thanks in advance.

  BEVERLEY-256334 11:02 25 May 2004

My mum purchased an Epson photo 830 but is getting incomplete print outs on photo's.I don't know if it is a common problem or if she is just unlucky but she prefers her old Epson stylus 680 which she never had any problems with.

If anyone has a solution to the incomplete print outs I would like to here them PLEASE!!!!

  Shas 11:27 25 May 2004

Bought the Epsom CX6400 3-in-one printer/scanner/copier at Christmas, very pleased with it so far.

Plus points:
it has the digital memory card slots on the front, very convenient;

it's stand-alone so if you just want to make a quick photocopy or to print off photos on your card, you don't have to have the computer on;

gives good print results, in both colour and b+w;

individual colour cartridges, (haven't had to buy any yet but I understand you can get them very reasonably on-line, especially if you don't mind the compatibles);

nice and quiet in use;

Paid £170 for it but I'm sure they've come down in price by now.

Hope this helps :o)

  BEVERLEY-256334 11:28 25 May 2004

Sounds good

  computernerdiamnot 11:36 25 May 2004

Canon i350 or the canon i455 Brilliant and cartridges are cheap even cheaper on compatibles i350 about £45 and i455 about £79 no2 on the pca charts.

  Shas 11:54 25 May 2004

Further to my previous post, the ink cartridges for this model are: black 5.95, cyan, magenta & yellow £4.95 each, or a pack of all four for £17.95, from: click here
Haven't used them myself yet but they are often recommended by others in this Forum.

  Rossagh 12:24 27 May 2004

Thank you to all who replied. My friend and I looked at the suggested models - he eventually decided to purchase the Canon MP700 - cost €353 (approx £220 stg)
This looks to have reasonably high specs.
Thanks again.

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