Printer/Copier/Scanner for £70

  s99Raj 17:18 03 Sep 2003

Does anyone know anything about the Printer/Copier/Scanner that Aldi is selling for about £70?

Is it worth the money? Is it any good?

You can see it at
click here

or click here


  canard 17:42 03 Sep 2003

USB printers won't do everything you want.

  Socalled 17:51 03 Sep 2003

I can only suggest you go and take a look for yourself and check out the price and availability of ink cartridges,I Have for the past 5 years had various HP all-in-ones, and at present have the HPD145 USB which does everything i could possibly want,except make the coffee.

  pat2068 20:12 03 Sep 2003

the printer is a lexmark i was looking at it today mary

  s99Raj 20:22 03 Sep 2003

Mary? Who's Mary?

Anyway, thank you. Do you know what model Lexmark?

  christmascracker 20:27 03 Sep 2003

I think it's a X85 Had one a while back

  Belatucadrus 20:38 03 Sep 2003

I think it's a lexmark X85 click here if the review is anything to go by, nice piece of kit at a very good price. But " images lack detail and the all-important skin tones don't look natural " not really a photo printer.

  s99Raj 21:07 03 Sep 2003

OK - thank you all. I'll go and have a look at it soon. I'm not too bothered about pictures, as long as text is good and the photocopying is legible.

  spuds 22:41 03 Sep 2003

PCW was clearing these machines out at £65.99 recently.A few months ago the same machine was selling for £149.99 then reduced in price fairly rapidly.Lexmark are introducing a few new models in the UK about now. I have recently purchased a Lexmark X5150 4in1, which as been selling in the USA for quite awhile now, and as just started to sell in volume, here in the UK. The price that I paid for this newer model £109.99 less £20.00 promo = £89.99.

  broggs 22:54 03 Sep 2003

beware the replacement cartridges are nearly as much as the price of the machines.They will supply you (bundled with the machine) with Light user cartridges which will not last very long.

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