Printer wont work with one particular pc

  superhoops 14:54 28 Mar 2010


I have two printers and a laptop and a netbook. The vista laptop has for some time refused to print any output from either of the two printers (connected by cable not wireless).Both printers work fine on the xp netbook.

The printer appears under "printers" and in the drop down box when I come to print a document. However when "print" is clicked nothing happens except for the notification area has the printer icon saying it is printing.

I have spent time and money phoning laptop and printer helplines to no avail.

Any ideas anyone, I ideally want to sell my netbook but cant as it is the only option I have for printing. Thanks for replies.

  Technotiger 15:15 28 Mar 2010

Could be something as simple as NOT setting the printer as the DEFAULT on which-ever machine you are using it with .....

  ame 15:18 28 Mar 2010

Are you sure you are sending stuff to this physical printer, or is not it going to some software/file printer? Go into Control panel and remove all printers except the one you want to use. Then go into it's properties and set it as the default printer.

  superhoops 16:07 28 Mar 2010

Hi. The only printers listed are my Lexmark and my Epson which are the two that wont print.Microsoft XPS document writer is the only other entry in the printers folder.The Epson is currently the default printer but it has been changed previously to Lexmark printer.

  ame 16:22 28 Mar 2010

Suspect documents are being sent to XPS document writer. Have you gone into Control Panel and double clicked on each printer to see where the documents may be queued?

  Technotiger 16:23 28 Mar 2010

Which ever printer you are trying to print with, must be set as the Default printer!

  ame 16:26 28 Mar 2010

Are your printers on a network? Or just connected locally to each machine as you need them?

  superhoops 16:41 28 Mar 2010

ame The documents are always showing under the respectivce printer (both in "printers" and in the icon in the notification area.

technotiger It is always set as the default printer.

  ame 16:46 28 Mar 2010

1. Did you try to share the printers on a network so that you could print from the laptop when the printer was connected to the netbook, for example? i.e. the documents are being sent to a networked printer that is not plugged into the right machine.

2. Have you tried deleting the printers via Control Panel and uninstalling the software via Add/Remove Programs, then reinstalling them?

  superhoops 17:04 28 Mar 2010

ame Yes I tried networking the printers and the laptop sees them and shows the printers under "printers" but still doesnt print anything.

Yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software as well.

I wonder if there is some hardware fault with the laptop.

  ame 18:42 28 Mar 2010

If you have set up the network previously, you may be trying to access the printer via the netbook but it isn't there. Choose a document and click File>Print and see how many versions of each printer there are to choose from - there may be 2: one for the local connection via the usb cable connection and one via the network.

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