Printer wont work!!!

  greggs 14:19 09 Sep 2003

I have an Epson 830u printer and have just replaced the original Epson ink cartridges with non Epson ones.It continued to work fine for a few days but now wont print at all its as if the inks have run out but there is plenty of ink left in the cartridges.The printer is still under warranty.Any help greatly received...

  Diemmess 18:06 09 Sep 2003

If it is still under warranty Epson will repair or replace it on-site, but you had better buy some genuine Epson cartridges first and say nothing about the substitutes!

There's nothing wrong in using look-alikes but Epson will not be impressed.

  harry_b 18:53 09 Sep 2003

I have been told that epson inks contain a lubricant to keep the print heads clear, this is not present in the cheap cartridges, dont know if this is true or not though, if you are using cheap cartridges your warranty is invalid.
btw have you tried using the head cleaning utility in the printers properties?.

  spuds 20:49 09 Sep 2003

Are you using 'chipped' cartridges.If so,get in touch with your supplier.

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