printer wont recognize ink cartridges

  march 19:10 26 Jan 2010

Epsom printer stylus sx100 suddenly in middle of printing will not recognize the ink cartridges. The ones I have installed are compatibles and have worked perfect up to now. the cartridges are the yellow on e and the black. I have taken them out & reinstalled them and also turned printer off for a while but still won’t work

any suggestions please?

  mooly 19:24 26 Jan 2010

I gave up on compatables with my Epson ages ago. Not recognised, poor printing etc... if you search these forums you'll find lot's of problems similar although your symptoms area little different.
My money would still be on a problem with the cartridges though. Jettecs (T0711/2/3 and 4 types) are the only brand I now use. The only question is whether the printer will recognise another new set now.

  march 19:36 26 Jan 2010

doesn't sound good mooly

will try another cartridge & see what happens

  ame 20:10 26 Jan 2010

It may be one of the other cartridges, of course, if they all have a chip on them - presume they are compatibles too? Like mooly, I use Jettecs too, which work ok. As a last resort, you could try replacing the others - but this will waste ink. I know some Epsons need all cartridges replaced at once first time round to work with compatibles.

  march 20:51 26 Jan 2010

have replaced the black & yellow cartridges works ok apart from keeps bringing up a screen telling me the yellow is not epson cartridge ( neither is the black) so have to click 'continue'

the cartridges I'm using are 'think ink' compatibles

will tick resolved

thanks for the help both of you


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