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Printer won't print emails from OE

  thumbscrew 22:36 04 Mar 2013

I haven't used my HP D2500 printer for some time. Tonight when I tried I discovered that it won't print emails from Outlook Express. It works with everything else, including Gmail. Can anyone help please?

  difarn 08:39 05 Mar 2013

Are you getting an error message? Is your printer driver up to date? Which version of IE are you using? Has this been updated?

  thumbscrew 09:38 05 Mar 2013

Thanks difarn, read some more info and realising it's an IE problem. Some time ago I discovered I'd lost the IE menu bar completely (I always use Firefox). Everything's vanished, "Tools"...the lot, so unsure which version I've got. No error messages and it prints everything else including Gmails. I'm on XP>

  difarn 10:01 05 Mar 2013

Have you tried pressing Alt to make the tool bar pop up in IE? This article has a fix-it if this doesn't work.

When you get this tool bar back - click on Help, About and it should show the version.

If an update doesn't resolve it you could try reinstalling the printer or looking to see if any of these solutions help.

  thumbscrew 10:13 05 Mar 2013

Thanks again difarn, no response to "Alt". Looked at the fix-its and tried run/regsvr32ole32.d11, but that wasn't recognised.

  SparkyJack 11:51 05 Mar 2013

If the top bar is till there use the 'save as' function,direct the tp a folder [or make one] thwn try to print from there. or with mail on screen press CTRL and p- This should actvate the printer to print screen content

  difarn 13:44 05 Mar 2013

You could go into add/remove programmes, find Internet Explorer and click on repair to see if that has any effect.

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