Printer wont print cyan, and black is reddish

  BackSlash 13:52 19 Jan 2004

I recently installed a new cartridge into my HP psc 750. When I printed the test page, all the coloured boxes were just yellow and magenta, so I figure the cyan is clogged or something. I tried cleaning it manually, and also with the 'Clean print heads' function.

Nothing worked, so I plugged another PC into my computer (it is WinXP btw), so that I could print something. It was a brand new printer that I got with the PC, never used (Lexmark Z60)but still I get the same problem. I have installed it all correctly, but it won't print cyan, and if I try to print a picture in B&W, it is reddish.

What can I do? Could it be the USB cable I m using (I used the same one for both printers, as the Z60 didn't come with one)??

  Wak 14:04 19 Jan 2004

Hi, It certainly sounds as if you have a connection problem considering that neither printer will print properly.
Try wiggling the USB cable while it is printing or try putting the USB lead in another USB port at the back of the computer. Is it also possible to try the printer on another computer??
Incidentally, if you do much printing just using black, it would pay you to get a black only cartridge as printing black with a colour cartridge uses all three inks and can work out very expensive.
You possibly have a black cartridge already but I thought it worth mentioning anyway!

  stlucia 15:28 19 Jan 2004

Have you tried printing a colour document from a different software -- not just the test page? Same result?

  Diemmess 15:34 19 Jan 2004

Very quick check try Windows Test Page - accessed from Printers>"your printer">Properties.

This will rule out a software problem if it too is messed up..... Clean print probably means printer OK, but software control is wrong.

  BackSlash 15:57 19 Jan 2004

Wak - I've tried wiglling it about, but I will give the printer a go on my old Win 98 pc, and i'll tell you the results. Oh, and where would I get a new USB cable? Just PC shops or electrical places too?

stlucia - Yes I've tried printing straight from IE and also from Microsoft Picture It!, but it's all screwed.

Diemmess - On a windows test page, the windows logo is dodgy, and it's the only bit in colour. The black text, however is fine.

Also, I have just uninstalled and reinstalled my PSC 750, and it's the smae thing as before. I even tried a straight colour copy to see if it prints OK when bypassing the PC, but cyan still wont print.

I don't think a new USB cable is likely to fix it, so I'm going to get hold a set of specialized screw drivers to take this thing apart and look for any problems inside. I am positive there is Cyan in the cartridge, because when I wipe the print head with a tissue, there is three perfect lines of CYM. God only knows what the problem is...

  david4637 16:05 19 Jan 2004

I needed a USB lead, got a 5 metre cable from Tesco for £4.99 would you believe it. At that price its worth swopping the cable. Regards David

  BackSlash 16:24 19 Jan 2004

David did you have a similar problem?

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