Printer won't print black

  jackieb 22:52 19 Jul 2005

I have recently upgraded to Windows XP and at first my printer worked OK. I then had occasion to change the black cartridge and it will now only print colours. I have done everything I possibly can to try to put this right ie: nozzle checked - head cleaned (many times - inserted two new black cartridges - checked all plugs and leads and still it will only print colours. Any help would be much appreciated.

Epsom Stylus Color 850 - OS Windows XP

  stalion 22:54 19 Jul 2005

is your printer driver compatible with xp?

  Stuartli 22:59 19 Jul 2005

My best mate has an HP printer (890C) and only uses genuine HP cartridges as it's used for his business.

Twice after changing the black cartridge it has failed to print despite he and I doing all the usual checks, test prints etc.

The solution in both cases (we didn't think that lightning would strike twice) was a faulty cartridge; it was replaced by the supplies in both instances and the problem solved.

  Peter 23:30 19 Jul 2005


Not trying to teach my grandmother to suck eggs, but did you remember to remove the adhesive tape that covers & seals the little air hole on the top of the cartridge?

Did you change the black cartridge promtly? If it runs dry and you leave it too long the head can become blocked on an Epson printer.


  spuds 23:42 19 Jul 2005

See my posting click here

  Peter 00:28 20 Jul 2005

I received the following message from jackieb by email.

"Date: Tue, 19/07/2005 | 23:38


How did you know I am a Grandmother? Yes I did remove the yellow sticky tape and have replaced the cartridge twice in case it was a faulty one."


  Danoh 00:37 20 Jul 2005

Having upgraded to XP, download the relevant Printer driver, after selecting XP as the Operating System from click here

  Danoh 00:38 20 Jul 2005

Spuds, never had any problems with my Epson 950 nor very old HP 660.

  DieSse 01:24 20 Jul 2005

Take one of the new cartridges - put some waste paper on your desk - rap the cartridge, nozzle downwards, very sharply, onto the paper - maybe twice - a blob of ink should come out.

Try again - got a number of new Epson cartridges going in this way.

  jack 20:11 20 Jul 2005

See issue 122 -September of our favourite mag.
Page 178 - Item Keeping a clear head.
This might just sort your problem,and also suggests a new way to sup Vodka

  jackieb 23:21 20 Jul 2005

Thanks everyone - tried most of your tips to no avail. Got fed up with the whole thing and went and bought a new printer!!

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