printer: wireless or network?

  b56c 15:09 16 Feb 2010

I need to buy a new printer - the all-in-one variety, and since buying the last one we now have 2 laptops in the house in addition to the pc. We also now have a wireless router. I thought we needed a wireless printer but having looked for advice on some sites, I am now not sure whether we need wireless or network. What we want to be able to do is have the printer located in the room with the pc and then be able to print from any of the laptops. What is the best and/or cheapest way of being able to do this?

I am a wireless/network absolute beginner so would appreciate replies that reflect this.

  Technotiger 15:40 16 Feb 2010
  retep888 16:06 16 Feb 2010

It doesn't really matter if the printer(networked or wireless) is near/next to the wireless router.

For a wired networkable printer you just plug it into one of the switch ports at the back of the router,load driver on every PC/laptop and you can print from anywhere.

  b56c 18:35 16 Feb 2010

So, does the fact that the laptops are connected to the router (wirelessly) mean that once the printer is connected to that same router, and the software is installed on the laptops, they then have access to the printer? And this works even though there is no physical connection to the printer and no wired home network in the house?

  retep888 18:47 16 Feb 2010

Once the networkable printer is plugged into the router, it'll assign an IP address for that printer.

Then when you load driver on each PC/laptop, setup will look for IP address of the printer and starts talking to each other, you can print even Internet is down.

  b56c 09:44 17 Feb 2010

Thanks to everyone who replied, especially retep888. Now begins the web search for the printer that fits the bill.

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