Printer will only print one page at a time

  iscanut 09:48 30 Oct 2014

A friend has a cheap HP printer linked. Wirelessly to an HP laptop running Win 8.1. The printer works but wil not print for example pages 1 to 4 but prints page 4 then stops. It will only print page 1 when that page is selected then page 2 and so on. Does anyone know why it should start at the last page in the range and not print all the pages in one go. I use Win 7 so am not sure if there is somewhere in settings that should be changed. It worked for my friend when she was using Win 7 on her former laptop.

  Woolwell 11:10 30 Oct 2014

There are printing preferences for most printers and it could be that she has accidentally selected print current page only. The printer interface should not be greatly different in W8.

  iscanut 16:26 30 Oct 2014

Thanks, but have checked that and correct options have been ticked.

  Woolwell 16:27 30 Oct 2014

Can only suggest that she uninstalls and reinstalls printer checking that correct W8 drivers have been used.

  iscanut 19:50 02 Nov 2014

Thanks Woolwell, have asked her to do that and see what happens.

  SparkyJack 08:46 03 Nov 2014

Wool well is right certainly,that is the print selector page selector needs looking at. no

Anoher possibility is if the print command is selected via thevprogram in use at the time.

Try instead this shortcut --- Ctrl 'P'

This opeens the print selector page directly,then check 'current/all pages selector.

  iscanut 10:54 03 Nov 2014


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