Printer will not print from laptop on network

  Sapins 09:34 20 May 2006

My network has a desktop connected by Ethernet cable to a Netgear router and a laptop connected wirelessly to the router. I have an Epson RX620 printer connected to the desktop. I can share files and folders ok and the printer icon is shown in Printers and Faxes on both machines with the hand symbol underneath. The printer is not shown in My Network Places on either machine. I can print from the desktop ok, but, when I try to print from the laptop I get a "communication" error, I have followed Epson's advice by turning off the printer for 10 seconds and turning it back on and I have also re-booted the laptop, I have also ran the Epson diagnostic tool on the desktop and it found no errors. I have checked the printer connections and used another USB connection. I have installed the printer on the laptop by physically connecting it and installing the software as I did on the desktop, then I reconnected the printer to the desktop.

I have run the network wizard on both machines, which Have XP Home SP2, everything, apart from the printer on the laptop, works ok.

I have spent quite a few frustrating hours on setting up this, my first, network and this is the last thing I need to do, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

  Minkey1 10:36 20 May 2006


Have you tried "Add a Printer" from the laptop ? You should see an option to add a network printer attached to another computer, and be able to browse to the Epson connected to your desktop, and add it as the default printer for your laptop.

Our network is set up exactly as yours, except we've 3 laptops. The 3 print wirelessly to the desktop connected printer.

Hope this works !

  Sapins 10:59 20 May 2006

I have tried your suggestion, no good I'm afraid. I am going to contact Epson "live" as I think it may be related to the software,



  mgmcc 07:25 21 May 2006

<<< I can share files and folders ok and the printer icon is shown in Printers and Faxes on both machines with the hand symbol underneath. >>>

It should only be shown as a "shared" printer in the "host" PC that it is connected to. In the "client" PC, it should be installed and shown as a *NETWORK* printer with this icon - click here

1) Connect the printer to the "client" PC, as though it were to be used with that computer, and install it. This ensures that it has all the necessary software/drivers on board.

2) Reconnect it to the "host" PC and, in its Properties, set it as "shared". In the client's "My Network Places" (or Network Neighborhood), the printer should then appear as a shared resource of the "host" PC along with any shared folders. Double clicking the printer in the remote PC should automatically install it as a "network printer" in the "client". This means that the "client" now has the same printer installed twice - once as a "local" printer and again as a "network" printer (with a bar under the icon to indicate a network device). If you are always going to print via the network, you may want to set the "network printer" as the default.

Otherwise, have a look at this Microsoft article. It is an old article written for Windows 95, but the basic principle for installing the network printer should still be valid. click here

  Sapins 21:15 23 May 2006

As I mentioned I have already connected the printer to the laptop and installed the software and I get a "communication" error. I think I might have to uninstall the printer from the laptop and re-install it. I'll let you know what happens.

  mgmcc 21:40 23 May 2006

Check in the Printer's Properties that it is still trying to print to the correct Port. It isn't unknown for the settings to change for no particular reason.

  Sapins 21:55 23 May 2006

No problem there.

  Stephen-512219 00:58 24 May 2006

Hi Minkey 1,

I have just tried your suggestion for my own problems with the network. Good advice, all is now working.

Nice one matey!!!!! ;-)

  Sapins 14:50 24 May 2006

I have just deleted all references to the Epson printer and then I followed your advice, would you believe it everything now works OK!!!

Thanks to all of you for your help,



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