Printer will not print in black and white

  Tinno49 11:17 03 Sep 2013

My printer has suddenly stopped printing in black and white but works fine with colours. I have cleaned the print head several times and done everything the manual suggests. It did this about 6 weeks ago and then righted itself but now it happened again. I do use compatible inks and the Canon MP540 is supposed to be the best one to accept compatible inks. I know Canon will say this has caused the problem but I have used them for years with several machines and had no problem. I would be grateful if anyone has any advise as how to solve this. A new print head costs almost as much as a new machine so I do not really want to buy one in case this is not actually causing the problem. I will have to buy a new printer if I cannot solve it. Thanks

  spuds 12:02 03 Sep 2013

If you have purchased the compatibles from the same source, then I would suggest that you go back to that seller for further advice. Some compatibles can get suspect, when problems you describe are evident.

I have a number of various branded printers, and the reason for this is due to problems that take a lot of resolving, sometimes with negative results. The quickest way to resolve some issues is to buy new with a full warranty attached. Standard printers nowadays are that cheap!.

You could try this link for an answer, otherwise a Google search for known problems with that particular printer model? click here

  chub_tor 15:07 03 Sep 2013

When you say that you have "cleaned the print head several times" do you mean that you have physically taken it out of the machine and washed it through or have you just used the Clean PrintHead routine in the software?

Click Here for one way of physically cleaning the print head, lots of other instructions and YouTube videos are available via Google.

  Tinno49 16:05 04 Sep 2013

Thanks for your replies. It has now stopped working altogether so I am just going to get a new printer as a new print head is nearly as much as a new printer.

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