printer wants to print but nothing in queue

  end 22:09 16 Mar 2004

running windows 98 2nd ed; printer HP deskjet840C; broadband connection.Have recently printed off several pages successfully and checked that no documents are waiting to be printed in printer " memory" queue;when I start up computer , printer also starts up and goes into "print" action, despite the fact that I have not asked it to print ANYTHING; then the amber "page purge" light comes on, I have to press that , then the normal green light to get it to purge a blank page, to get it back to " normal". this has happened on several occasions.the last time I asked it to print, I did that from the "file" drop down menue(if that makes a difference??). what, if anything, do I need to adjust; the printer is always switched on at the same time as the computer; this has happened several times in the past. I HAVE checked that nothing iS in the printer queue. Is this something that I have just " got to put up with" ??? the only time I can "get it to happen" is when I switch on the system and boot up the computer. ( I have not changed any settings on the computer and this has been happening intermitently for MONTHS) this just " one of those things" or is there a simple solution; each time it happens I have to purge a page to "reset" the printer; its annoying, if nothing else..thanks ,in advance....

  justme 22:20 16 Mar 2004

Have you tried the obvious things like making sure that the printer cable is securely attached at each end and that the power cables are making a good contact? If you have a spare printer cable you can swap in it may solve the problem.

It may also be advisable to obtain and install the latest drivers for your printer or even just delete the existing ones and reinstall them again in case there has been a slight, but non fatal, change made to them.

  end 22:33 16 Mar 2004

er, wasnt aware there even might BE "latest drivers" for the printer....the fault doesn happen all the time, but is annoying when it there something I am supposed to download, or.... cant find the original documentation to tell me how old the thing is, but have had it for a number of years there a system I can "open" on this to check for valid files/ drivers etc...the problem is annoying but not " unlivable "with. would be nice to be able to resolve it if simple solution....

  justme 19:36 17 Mar 2004

I had a similar problem some years ago and found that changing the printer cable sorted it.

Apparently there was a "dry joint" on one of the wires. This is when the solder which joins the wire to the connector does not make a complete connection but most of the time the wire and the connector are touching and function as normal but sometimes it causes unexpected results. For example, do you ever get wrong characters printed.

It can also be caused by a break in one of the wires inside the insulation and the connection is maintained by the wires just touching at the break.

This is why I suggested that you try swapping the cable to see if it helped.

As regards the drivers, try logging on the the HP site and see if they have an updated driver. Even if this is not the cause of your problem it should do no harm and may even improve your printer's performance.

  Wak 20:52 17 Mar 2004

Have you tried switching the printer on AFTER the computer??
Actually, switching the printer on if you are not going to use it straight away could possibly help the cartridges to dry out as they move to the "ready position" when switched on.
Just a thought!

  end 23:38 19 Mar 2004

right; having FINALLY got back to this; have checked all the leads and checked for their correct insertion. have even tried to run a " repair" proramme on it using the disc that came with it; there does not appear TO BE a repair programme!!!hsve tried running that from the programe itself but does not seem to exist.....then,,,when I put the cd in the computer, IT does not open automatically and " run" a programme....have tried to go to the HP site and found THAT almost useless.... (unless I am looking in the wrong place????)??IS there a new driver for the printer that i need to dowload and if so, where is it....again, the problem is " intermittent" but it would be nice to be able to solve it....if it is solvable.....dont reallyy want to have to uninstall and reinstall it, as it is not THAT bad, but......

  steve12345 00:41 20 Mar 2004

Try Here :

click here

  end 16:22 20 Mar 2004

ok; went to this address
click here=...

and ran a check to see if I DO need a driver, BUT, the "installation" instructions are YUK.... the check says I could do WITH the driver; and , ???how do I find out if I have USB or Parallel cable ( I THINK it is parallel, as it is not the same as the broadband and other cables) but why do I need TO unplug IT from the computr before downloading???
AND, when I started up THIS time, the printer tried to print only when I turned the hard drive on,ie the printer was already switched on before the computer ........
am wondering why al the "installation" instructions in the site mentioned, as normally my downloads ask me to just " confirm" the location it suggests......

  end 16:25 20 Mar 2004

sorry---that address seems to end nowhere, but if you click on the one ABOVE and follow the links , you end up at the page that asks for a new folder to be created.......

  VoG II 23:22 24 Apr 2004

BRILLIANT - well done :o)

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