printer usb problem

  5522 20:37 20 Oct 2003

I have an epson 580 printer and am having big problems with it. Firstly I have 2 pc,s one with win98 and here I can never access the cartridge replacement utility . I have to connect it to another new pc with winxp and change the ink there.
Next i tried installing the printer driver to a laptop with winxp and with the printer connected thro the usb it installed ok. But when i try printing it doesnt recognise the usb port . Going to printer properties I did try to change the port to local usb but no joy. I think there should be an epson usb port set up ?

  LastChip 22:25 20 Oct 2003

Dealing with your Win98 machine, unusually, Epson recommend you plug the printer in, turn it on, and when "New Hardware" is recognised, point the computer to the CD for the drivers. This is opposite to the normal procedure for a USB device.

Did you load the drivers and software in that order?

Have you looked at the Epson site for a technical answer, as there is a wealth of information there? Also, Epson are regarded as having one of the best after sales services of any computer component manufacturer. If all else fails, a telephone call to them, may solve your problems.

  5522 09:31 21 Oct 2003

Thanks for the info.
Re win 98 pc I think I followed the manual and connected the printer first and loaded the s/w from the cd.
With the laptop and XP I put in the cd and began to follow the instructions . Then when i connected the printer I got this New Hardware Found routine and it took over from the cd. At the end I was left with the driver apparentely installed but with the original cd installer pages on the desktop and and had to reboot to clear this .
I have gone to the Epson site and downloaded the latest driver for my second pc (xp)altho it doesnt pass the xp singning test .
Uninstalling the original driver freezes the pc !!
I am more concerned now with the laptop as I need to print some stuff. So how do I get the usb port up ?

  graham√ 09:34 21 Oct 2003

I could be wrong, but when the 'found new hardware' comes up you need to cancel it so it doesn't take over.

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