printer and usb

  alan2k1 19:48 07 Sep 2004

win98 i tried to set up an epson c64 printer i put the cd in plugged in the usb cable when booting up it found the usb device installed the drivers then the epson install came up and it didn't find the usb connection and set up to print on lpt1. when attemping to print it says there is no printer connected . i tried to add/change ports but could not find usb. if i use a convetional printer cable it will print. i have remove drivers and attemped reinstall all with the same result. at the point in installation when it says plug the usb cabel in it seems not to detectit

any help ?

  hellred 19:55 07 Sep 2004

Try downloading a newer driver, else unplug the printer re-boot and let the system settle down then plug the printer in and see if the system instals the printer, if not, then the driver is the problem.

You are able in the priners property box to change the Port/ else set up a new port in the property box

  alan2k1 19:59 07 Sep 2004

thanks hellred i basically tried deleting drivers and reloading i did try to change port but could not find a reference to usb

  Dorsai 20:08 07 Sep 2004

A thing with USb devices. You must install the drivers BEFORE you plug the device in. EVEN if the instructions say otherwise. A personal opinion, arrived at from experiance.

So if i were you.

Turn the PC off.

Unplug the printer.

Turn the PC on.

Uninstall the drivers. ( control paner>add remove software>(then find epson C64 drivers) Click on them, and select uninstall.

Also look for any other epson stuff. If you have no epson stuff, apart from the printer, uninstal it all in the same way.

Then re-boot.

Then put the disk in.

Follow the onscreen instructions and install the software and drivers as. If prompted at any point to plug the printer in, then do so.

If not, follow the instruction through to the end. It may well suggest you re-boot. If it does, do so. If it doesn't, and don't say dont reboot, reboot anyway.

Then when it's all back up and running, turn the printer off, if not off, plug it in, and turn it on.


  john-232317 20:18 07 Sep 2004

As above always install software and drivers fist, then plug in and turn hardware on.

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