printer switches to off line on boot up

  dobbin 18:28 08 Aug 2004

When I boot up my computer, [win xp home edition] it switches the printers [Oki 14 ex and Epsom 850] to off line. So when i try to print a document they are spooled but not printed. The printers will not switch back to on line, I merely get an error message. However if I then reboot, the spooled documents are printed out and the printers remain on line. This is an intermittent fault and I cannot pin down the cause. I thought it was the Norton anti-virus which came preinstalled and removed this which seemed to solve the problem for several weeks but it has just started to recur again. The computer is a new hp with celeron 2.8 chip. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  stalion 19:10 08 Aug 2004

have you tried doing a fresh instal of your printers

  dobbin 20:31 08 Aug 2004

yes I have tried that several times

  woodchip 20:40 08 Aug 2004

What happens if you turn the printers on after booting. In other words switch then of and boot

  dobbin 08:28 09 Aug 2004

I don't know I will try it. Its an intermittent fault and does not always happen, so I may not be able to conclude anything from this. For example everything works fine this morning on boot up with both printers switched on.

  woodchip 14:47 09 Aug 2004

May be a faulty MOBO

  dobbin 14:58 09 Aug 2004

woodchip, what is a mobo?

  dobbin 14:58 09 Aug 2004

woodchip, what is a mobo?

  woodchip 15:03 09 Aug 2004

Motherboard, How are your printers connected through USB or parallel port or both?

  dobbin 15:44 09 Aug 2004

parallel port via a leunig '4print2' switch

  woodchip 15:50 09 Aug 2004

The port may be Faulty. It would not be the first, if you Have a ISA slot on the Motherboard a Black slot longer than the White PCI slot and just at the side of them. You can get a ISA parallel port card from PCWorld for £10 this should correct the Problem

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