printer status offline

  bothy 11:54 24 Mar 2011

How do I change a printer status from offline to online?

  gengiscant 13:25 24 Mar 2011

Make and model of printer would help,as would a few more details of your problem.

  Sapins 14:29 24 Mar 2011

Control panel/printers/ right click on your printer and click use printer online.

  bothy 07:44 25 Mar 2011

Sorry I thought the problem was straightforward to solve but after reinstalling four times I realise its not.
The printer is an HP photosmart premium fax e all in one C410 and is a couple of months old and is connected wirelessly through a new sky router.
The problem is that the printer keeps going offline with the result that a printer error flashes up on the printer screen. Sometimes under devices and printers the printer icon shows up with a yellow triangle , then it shows several icons of the same printer, or it moves the green tick to the fax machine. I have tried connecting with usb cable but that doesnt work smoothly ether.I have tried reinstalling 4 times but no luck there either. Now at a loss as to what to try.

  gengiscant 09:00 25 Mar 2011

I too recently bought a HP printer after many years using Epson.Biggest mistake I ever made. It to is supposed to connect wirelessly but I could not get it to work consistently.

I eventually got it to work by installing nothing but the drivers, I did not install any of the many extras that come with a HP printer. This worked for a while then again started to play up so I eventually uninstalled it again making sure that I removed all traces of HP from my PC then reinstalled using the USB cable, it works but not particularly well.

Worst printer I have ever had and HP's customer service is worse than useless.
Sorry I can not be of more help.

  emberto1946 13:18 12 Oct 2011

I concur with all that has been said above about HP printers. My first is less than 2 months old and has worked occasionally throughout that period. Fortunately I kept my old "Brother DCP-115C" after the print head failed as I can at least print B&W documents. I have tried to start again today with my printer and have noticed that the report it prints says that my Sky router is on Channel 6 whereas it was actually set to Auto Scan. I have re-set the printer (again!!!) and changed the router to channel 6 and will see hgow it goes on.

It all worked well out-of-the-box but then I went away for 2 weeks and turned my router off. Worst thing I could have done according to HP. Since I came back it has been hopeless.

I will report back if this channel change works.

ps - Been waiting over 10 days for HP to get back to me!

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