Printer software.

  marinbob100 19:46 30 Aug 2003

Are there any third party print software packages available?

The reason I ask is we have just changed our computer system to a Windows based system.

The the problem is once you have sent a report to the printer you can't abort it.
Sometimes I only need the first few pages of 30 page report.

The software we are using dose not give an option to select the pages.

Any ideas anybody.


  krypt1c 20:00 30 Aug 2003

If you are using Word if you select file > print you can choose how many pages to print. Default is all pages.

  krypt1c 20:01 30 Aug 2003

Ooops. Misread your query. Sorry ;-))

  marinbob100 20:07 30 Aug 2003

Yes i know. But the software is business software and our provider suggests turning of the printer., which does'nt work.

When you select print there is no option to print selected pages, if its a 50 pages report you get 50 pages.

Its a pain in the ass.


  BURGMAN02 20:10 30 Aug 2003

marinbob - as an emergency measure, why not switch the printer off when you've printed what you want?

  BURGMAN02 20:12 30 Aug 2003

forget the last posting - didn't see the 20.07 entry!!

  krypt1c 20:12 30 Aug 2003

You could try one of these free office suites.
click here

  wee eddie 20:23 30 Aug 2003

Highlight the pages you need > Options or similar > Print selected Pages.


copy/paste: the pages you want to print into another document and print that.


Save the report under a different name and delete the pages you don't want.

  marinbob100 20:25 30 Aug 2003

Apparently its because of the printers memory wants its sent, and because they are only reports
it prints the lot.
And I must admit I was amazed when I could'nt abort a print job.

With the old system (very old system) it was no problem.


  Pesala 20:32 30 Aug 2003

If you go to Start Menu/Settings/Printers you will be able to see a list of print jobs sent to the printer. This would give you some control, but not enough I feel.

Another way that would work better is to install a PDF Printer Driver like PDF Factory from click here. Then you would print all your documents to the PDF driver, and from Adobe Reader you could control which pages to print. PDF files are a convenient way to archive and exchange documents without using paper.

  marinbob100 20:36 30 Aug 2003

HI wee eddie

When you run the report it shows the first page on screen and at the bottom its tell you which page you are viewing and you click on next to view any page you want.
But it dosen't print only the page you viewing.

We use sage accounting software and thats fine
It looks like Iam stuck with it.

Our previuos system worked on single sever with dumb terminals.
It had 1mb memory and was as fast as hell.
Text only though no graphics.



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