printer showing in boot menu but notSSD

  bumpkin 20:27 27 Jun 2017

W10 desktop, EUFI bios, 2 SSDs, 1 DVD. Both ssds show in "this computer". It will boot from either ssd if it is the only one connected but if both connected it will only boot from one of them ie only one of them in bios plus the dvd and my printer, puzzled!

  MLA2000 12:23 28 Jun 2017

Double check these instructions from Seagate What is the model of the motherboard you are using? Are these M.2, PCIe or SATA3 connections? If these are SATA3, try connecting a spinning HDD and seeing if this is detected.

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  bumpkin 15:23 28 Jun 2017

Both connected to sata 3. Both can be seen in any sata port (4in all 2sata2, 2sata3) Both drices work ok in any port but not if they are both connected as only one will show in bios which is the one it will boot from. Why a printer is showing I don't know.

  bumpkin 21:10 28 Jun 2017


  [DELETED] 10:27 29 Jun 2017

The printer might be showing if it has an inbuilt card reader. As for the two drives which have OSs installed I would imagine you need a boot manager. I haven't dual booted Win 10 on two different drives so can't help there.

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