Printer sharing witn Win 10

  bumpkin 14:55 15 Nov 2015

Only been using Win 10 for week or so. 2 PC's both Win 10. I just want to share the printer at present either of them will print OK but I have to change the cable over which I would like to avoid.

  RISC OS user 15:24 15 Nov 2015

Are your PCs on a LAN have you activated a share on the printer and have you set up a HOME group? To share a printer access the following on the PC to which the printer in connected go to "Control Panel", click on "Devices and Printer", click "open" and right click "customise your printer" look at share and follow the prompts. Do similar on the other PC but tick "render print jobs on client computer" Hope this answers your question, it works for me.

  bumpkin 15:55 15 Nov 2015

Thanks, that is basically what I am trying to do but the 2nd PC just says "Windows can't set up a homegroup on this computer" with no further explanation. I could be wrong but I thought it was possible to just do printer sharing with Win10 without a homegroup.

  RISC OS user 16:26 15 Nov 2015

I think you are correct, but I am not sure! I had a similar problem with Home Group set up. After I upgraded each to 8.1 all appear to be well so really cannot see why you are having problems with it. I seem to remember removing all the home group from each PC and starting again. I am not really qualified to give more advice, you need "secret-squirrel" if he is still out there reading posts, he helped me.

  Number six 00:07 16 Nov 2015

Turn on Network Discovery. I assume it works in W10 the same as W7.

[click here ]1

  Number six 00:09 16 Nov 2015

Click "1" for link.

  bumpkin 11:02 16 Nov 2015

Thanks number 6, I do have it turned on but the second pc just says printer offline.

  bumpkin 19:10 16 Nov 2015


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