printer sharing on a network - how?

  rsfackrell 16:31 07 Oct 2005

hi all, first time posting here so be gentle!

iv'e been trying for ages to get my printer on the network. i've run the netork wizard etc, and i even have a network printer icon in the printers folder but everytime i try to print it out i just get a message printer unavailable/offline. help!

pc 1= rory1
pc2 = rory2
network = mshome

both run xpsp2
installed printer = canon pixma ip3000

both pcs show it as connected, however pc2does not show the networked printer icon, only the printer icon set to default. both printers have the printer drivers installed and windows firewall says they're both enabled to share. the only other thing that springs to mind is that i can move/copy/see files on pc1 thru network places on pc2, but pc2 doesn't even show up in pc1 network places - although i used to be able to move/copy/see both ways. all hdd on both pcs are shared (have hand icon under them) but still only move/copy/see from pc2 - not viceversa!

a walkthru would be great!

thanx guys

  Chegs ® 16:58 07 Oct 2005

Have you set the PC with the printer physically attached,gone to Start/Settings/Printers and selected it as "Shared" also?

  rsfackrell 17:09 07 Oct 2005

hi yes, tried that chegs. of course, while it's networked the printer is only physcially connected to pc2 via a usb. however the difficulty is that if i want to print something from pc1, i cant!

any further thoughts?

  TomG 18:55 07 Oct 2005

I think that windows firewall is your problem (especially as you have the file problem).

How do you connect to the internet? If broadband does the router have a firewall? If so try disabling both machines firewall. If dial up keep the firewall on the machine that has the phone line in it and disable the firewall on the second pc.

  rsfackrell 19:35 07 Oct 2005

ok m8, i'll give that a try, but is it safe to just use the router firewall? i seem to pick up the occaisonal virus even with NAV, windows firewall AND the router. Anyway, how would i know if the router (Dlink 604)has a firewall? i'm sure the "salesman" said it did but now you mention it....

  scotty 20:03 07 Oct 2005

If it is a firewall problem you will get file sharing and printer sharing working by disabling the firewalls. Once you know it is a firewall problem then you can configure the firewall to allow file and printer sharing. Disabling of firewall should only be a temporary measure while you diagnose the problem.

  jimmer409® 20:40 07 Oct 2005

on the computer with the printer, go to control panel, printers, select your printer, than select share on left menu, follow wizard, note both computers must be properly networked, make sure they communicate. also the printer computer must be running to print from the remote. i have canon printer and dlink wifi, works well.

  Chegs ® 23:16 07 Oct 2005

A firewall will not stop a virus(and I doubt NAV's ability to,but thats just my opinion of Norton software)It will however,cause all sorts of troubles over a network.The routers firewall will be quite awkward to disable(I dont even know how to do my own,let alone another brands)but Windows firewall is easy. :-)

  Liquid Stool 16:31 08 Oct 2005

thx people, i'll give this lot ago and see wot happens. expect me back soon!

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