Printer sharing 7 to xp

  2neat 20:47 12 Apr 2010

got win 7 64 bit on lappy and want to print to hp 940c usb on xp machine.
If i plug printer into laptop have no probs printing. If i try to connect wireless via network it trys win update & fails prompting me for driver. Going round in circles with this one.
Can it be done?

  peter99co 20:57 12 Apr 2010

Use the Add Printer Wizard. It should fetch the driver from the machine the printer is connected to.

Both machines should be ON plus the printer.

  2neat 21:01 12 Apr 2010

tried that but it wont work.
When I click connect on network printer it askes for driver location. Does a win 7 driver have to be on xp machine & is that possible?

  peter99co 21:07 12 Apr 2010

Sorry. Worked for me. No idea how.

  Simsy 22:08 12 Apr 2010

printer shared, on the XP machine?

Can the lappy see the XP machine at all?

if it can, then "add new printer" on the lappy, and choose "network printer". It should be able to find the printer. It may then need to install drivers.

Note that as you have previously connected the printer directly to the lappy, (and it works), you may have that set as default, and it may have a similar name as the printer via the XP computer.

With apologies if this doesn't help!



  2neat 23:04 12 Apr 2010

Yes, the printer is usb on xp machine.

Yes, no probs seeing the xp machine, many folders shared. Printer shared (used to work with old xp lappy). And yes, would make new name for wireless printer driver. I can see the printer on the network but just cant connect due to INF file requirement. Grrr, bit of a pain having to take lappy to lads bedroom and shove lead in to print!

Is it because lappy 7 & 64 bit to xp 32 bit?
Can this work or am I flogging a dead horse?

  Simsy 08:31 13 Apr 2010

I've got the same situation as you, XP desktop and Win 7 Lappy... But both are 32 bit.

I think it's unlikely that the 32/64 bit issue is the problem, but others better informed will know more than I!

Good luck,



  2neat 20:13 13 Apr 2010


  Tog_ 21:23 13 Apr 2010

It's been a while since I used XP and this may only be present in Vista onwards so - apologies in advance.
Have a look in the Printer Properties, under the sharing tab, there should/may be an option to add additional drivers? This allows a PC to download the drivers from the PC the printer is connected to.

  2neat 22:10 13 Apr 2010

Already looked there. Was not an option to add 7 drivers :-(
Tried again tonight but same result. At a loss now of how/if this can be done.

Any other ideas welcome

  peter99co 22:53 14 Apr 2010

I have a Vista PC/Epson Printer which is wired to the router. An XP PC (upstairs) operates via WiFi and this PC downloaded the printer driver from the Vista PC using the Wizard.

An XP laptop which was connected directly once to the printer (therefore has the printer driver) is now used WiFi via the router. To use the printer with the Laptop I go via MY Network Places and OPEN connection to the Vista PC. After that all I have to do is press PRINT and my Epson Printer start to print.

The XP PC (upstairs) produces print(downstairs)in the same way.

The Vista and the Printer must obviously be ON for this to work.

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