printer sharing

  Shaun_753 14:48 04 Jun 2006

erm i'm having alot of problems setting up printer sharing - ive ran the XP network wizard on both computers and i have given each computer the same WORKGROUP name, and the Add Printer Wizard i cant find the printer when i browse for network printers. Ive made sure the printer IS shared on the downstairs pc and i have enabled file and print sharing on both computers and i'm still having trouble. i have tried pinging the the computer but it returns with 100% loss. I have checked the printer is plugged in and switched on and all that jazz but still nothing :(

  ade.h 15:32 04 Jun 2006

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You have not stated whether you have correctly configured your client firewalls to allow trusted two-way LAN traffic.

  Shaun_753 16:06 04 Jun 2006

erm ive no idea.. so probally not, how do i do it

  ade.h 16:07 04 Jun 2006

Without knowing which client firewall you use, I can't tell you that. Check the manual; it's very important that you know your firewall inside out.

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