Printer sharing

  wednesday 13 18:24 27 May 2005

I was hoping to get my printer shared without opening a home network. I thing I have the correct cables and ports but need more info.

Please help,

Wednesday 13

  TomG 18:29 27 May 2005


I'm not sure what you mean by "without home network"

As far as I know the only other way is to buy a switch unit (some are auto and some you just turn a switch.

  wednesday 13 18:36 27 May 2005

I have tried it by setting up a home network which is really sharing the computers with one another.

Where can I get a switch unit?

  TomG 18:39 27 May 2005

PC world do them - whats wrong with using a home network? Using a switch box limits the distance between printer and pcs?

  wednesday 13 18:45 27 May 2005

Home network is too complicated and no one has replied to my threads.

Is there an easy way to set one up between Xp & 98?

  TomG 20:30 27 May 2005

If you only want printer sharing maybe stick with a switch unit - but if you want to share an internet connection then a network is ideal - it all depends whether you are on dial up or broadband

  DieSse 21:53 27 May 2005

If you use a home network, then the system with the printer will always need to be on to use the printer. This can be a major drawback if you find it off and you want to do a quick printout.

If you use a switch-box, then you only need the printer on to use it.

A home network does enable you to do things that a printer switch won't - such as moving files between systems, and sharing a single BB net connection.

However, most switch boxes are for parallel connections - I think that USB switches exist, but I've never used one.

With parallel cables, you can get quite long cables, which will work fine - with USB the length is definately limited unless you use expensive "boosters"

Beware - switch boxes come with a variety of connector types (even for parallel printers), and you need the correct cables to go with them.

  DieSse 21:55 27 May 2005

PS - if you have the correct cables and a switch box, I'm not sure there is more information you could need - just plug them together.

Don't operate the switch whilst the printer is working.

  wednesday 13 12:59 28 May 2005

I am using a dial up.

I found that I could use a router but can You get one or something else in the shops for £50 or less?

  TomG 18:51 28 May 2005

If you are on dial up then you do not need a router - one of the PCs will be connected to the internet via a phone line. You would use internet connection sharing (ICS) - do a search using Google there are a load of sites that will give you info on how to set one up.

  wednesday 13 09:55 29 May 2005

I found I need stuff like ethernet cards and a router for 98.

Should I stick to the switcher or should I get a router, or upgrade 98 to Xp and look for 2 ethernet cards?

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