Printer sharing?

  Muckleface 20:16 21 Oct 2003


I currently have Ntl Broadband through an Ntl Modem, which is then plugged into a Belkin Cable Router. I then have two PCs (one old and downstairs, one new and upstairs) plugged into the router so that I can have Internet access on both (even if one of the PCs is turned off). I used wall wall sockets for the cable to run from downstairs (where the modem and router are) to upstairs (where my new PC is).

The thing is, my old printer on my old PC has finally packed in after a few years of abuse. I actually have a new printer on my new PC so Im wondering how I can link up both PCs so both can use just the one printer, even if one of the PCs is turned off (like I can with my Broadband connection).

I know I can get a printer hub, but that would mean an additional cable running from one floor to the other would it not?

Is there a way I can utilise the existing wall sockets and cable so that I can use my new printer with either PC (even if one PC is off) ?

Hope I made sense :S



  PA28 20:21 21 Oct 2003

I don't know if this is applicable, but a Heath Robinson approach I have used for a printer that has both parallel and USB ports is to connect both - one to either computer. No special wiring and with the correct (USB or PLL) drivers installed on each computer, it works perfectly.

  yuffy 22:19 21 Oct 2003

I recently had to phone thier support. Based on the level of help i recieved & the issue was quite complex, I would recommend anyone who is considering buyinfg a router to buy belkin. It took them over 40 mins to sort the problem but fix it they did.
Install the printer on the host & configure the printer to share on the guest. If you don't know how to do that phone belkin, they are great & will step by step tell you how to do it.
In the unlikely event that you get a lazy bugger ask for the senior technician.

  fitshase 14:57 22 Oct 2003

What you need, like ßéŁâ says, is a print server. A neat little piece of kit is the Netgear PS101 (click here). It simply plugs into the back of your printer (in the parallel port) and then you run a network cable from the print server to your router.

That way, you can print from any computer without a specific computer being switched on.



  Muckleface 22:00 23 Oct 2003


Ive decided that Im just gonna get the EpsonUXX (or somethin like that?!) because its only £40.

Cheers anyways.


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