Printer & Scanner Recommendation for old PC Please

  Steven W 19:48 23 Nov 2004

Friend has been given a Pentium 60 (P60?) with 72 MB RAM and a 1.1 Gb Hard Disk to learn how to use a PC running Windows 98 SE. 400 Mb disk space is free.

He wants a printer but has no USB ports and might also like a scanner.

Would it be possible to add a USB port card to this PC - there appears to be a PCI slot spare - and would todays printers and scanners be OK on this PC? Is there enough disk space as we have removed alot of programs he doesn't want / need?


  Diodorus Siculus 19:52 23 Nov 2004

Adding a PCI USB card should be ok - power supply may be an issue, but for the most part should be fine.

If you can track down an older HP deskjet printer, it will be fine - say 930C [which I see used daily on a 486 with DOS]. This has a parallel connection.

Scanning may be problem as they tend to require a little more power and memory.

  961 20:02 23 Nov 2004

Printer yes, scanner no

Suggest an HP printer with parallel connection as described above

This will be fine to learn on but when he wants to move on to a scanner it may be time to save up for a new computer

It might well be possible to install a usb card (very cheap from Novatech or similar) and then use a usb printer but choose one with its own power supply because the computer power supply may not like having to power the printer as well

I don't think scanners will work with this amount of memory

  Steven W 20:06 23 Nov 2004

This is what i thought. Having problems tracking down a cheap and parallel printer.

  maddos 20:40 23 Nov 2004

steven W.
Have a look at epson printers, a few printers are available with both usb and parallel port connections.Epson stylus C86 and I think the C84.
You can check these with click here or Amazon.You can view the review of the epson printers on this site. But ignore what it says about the usb connections. As on the epson site and comet state that epson stylus c86 has the option of usb or parallel ports.

  Steven W 20:52 23 Nov 2004

Thank you all.

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